• Oprah shows the world The Girl Effect: Soccer for Female Empowerment

    December 3rd, 2009.

    This week on Oprah, we saw the authors of Half the Sky and the video of The Girl Effect.  This powerful show highlighted the challenging issues faced by women in developing communities.  The report showed the high rates of rape, of domestic violence, unequal health care and education, and the numbers of women sex slaves.   It was a shocking but accurate reflection of the situation most women find themselves in in developing countries.

    Girl Power in KigomaThrough our Soccer for Female Empowerment programs, we are seeing change.  In Malawi the head teachers tell us that teen pregancy has been reduced and more girls are staying in school.  In Tanzania, the numbers of girls participating in our program rose more than 600% and the girls received education on Health and Wellness.  Our program in Zambia worked with young girls each week and in the last week of the program spent time educating on HIV awareness.

    “In 2009, the three most challenging parts of our curriculum were Soccer for Female Empowerment, Soccer for Health and Wellness (incl. HIV) and Soccer for Conflict Resolution.  Our coaches are working to give every girl, ‘a voice and a choice’.   And alongside our Soccer for Female Empowerment program, we are working with boys in the communities to educate them on the different choices that they have.  By playing soccer together, we are starting to see changes in traditional roles of boys and girls.   We are grateful for shows like Oprah, books like Half the Sky and The Girl Effect video and report to help us explain to people around the world that changes will be very difficult until all females have a voice”  Dr. Judith Gates, Coach Advisory Board.

    Every Coaches across Continents partner program must have female coaches and girls soccer to become part of our Hat-Trick Initiative scheme.

    Check out this video for more information:  The Girl Effect

    See how one truly great female athlete, Lorrie Fair is giving girls a voice through www.theKickabout.org.