• Our 4th Program in Kenya with Kisumu Youth Football Association

    February 8th, 2010

    Coaches across Continents are pleased to announce our 4th partner program in Kenya with Kisumu Youth Football Association.  Their program is built around two pillars. Firstly they believe that by creating an enabling environment for competition, young people will be encouraged to form a football team for which children and youth are recruited with whom they train every day in preparation for the weekly competition matches. Within this context an enabling environment means, good fields, reliable registration systems, skilled referees and efficient management.  Secondly, they believe that the teams are avenues for and their leaders are agents of youth development. By building their capacity, KYFA pursues to improve the welfare of children and youth. We hope that KYFA teams will turn into their positive peer groups recognized throughout the community.

    “We would hope the Coaches Across Continents would be able to help build the capacity of our coaches, in the sense that the coaches would be able to coach the players in more than soccer. We want the coaches to be good role models for their players and to help develop the social skills of the children, in order to help develop the community”.  Coach Kelsey from KYFA.

    “Our Coaches will be in Kenya from March 31st until May 30th and we are delighted to have been approached by so many organizations who use football for social development to form mutually beneficial partnerships.  Sharing ideas and coaching styles will help communities around the world build their programs and help thousands of teachers and children.  KYFA have a fantastic program and we are looking forward to sharing and learning with them”  Steve Bowsher, Board of Directors Coaches across Continents.