• Our Coaches in Kibera, Kenya: Fighting HIV

    May 14th, 2010:

    Our coaches enjoyed another successful program in Kenya, this time with our partner Carolina for Kibera.  The CFK program uses soccer to help educate children in Kibera on health issues.

    Coach Graham writes, “on Thursday, only  a few hours before I flew home, I was shown around the fantastic Tabitha Health Centre CfK had funded in the dank, dirty heart of Kibera.  Inspirational it was, with over 30,000 local people registered and benefiting from health education, inoculations, doctor and pharmacy services.  Truly impressive. The only problem is this accounts for somewhere around only 2.5% of Kibera’s total estimated population!.  The scale of the task to overcome the problems of this tiny but significant corner of Africa is mind-numbing, but bit by bit improvements can – and are – being made, and this is a great example of such.   In getting to the health centre I had to walk through areas where people lived within the most basic of corrugated iron shanty housing, tiny spaces with no services, no natural light, barely separated by narrow winding filthy alleys, open sewers immediately outside their doors, layers of trash embedded within the ground and the most desperately flea bitten dogs and chickens you have ever seen roaming at will.  As we walked through the neighbourhood, children and babies, literally sitting by open sewers and drains would nevertheless greet us with “Mizungu!” and “how are you?” – sometimes even coming from within the shacks with no owner of the voice visible. ”

    Undoubtedly the success of our work was best seen on our HIV training day where we took the local coaches through a series of games and stories that will help them in their fight against HIV.  In our meeting at the clinic we learned that HIV was somewhere around 13-17% in Kibera.

    We worked on muddy fields at the local school and had a daily audience of hundreds of school children, some just waiting for a kick of a real football.

    The Kibera coaches worked hard every day throughout the week and seemed to love the day on Health and Wellness when we showed them how a healthy body can protect against many diseases.

    Huge credit to Kantor and Anna for setting up this program with CFK and for their work in Kibera.

    Next stop for the Coaches across Continents team is Kisumu, Kenya on May 20th.