• Our First Year with KSEM, Uganda

    August 4th, 2011.  Coach Brian in Kampala.

    Coaches Across Continents spent the past week working with the coaches of Kampala School of Excellence Ministries. KSEM is a group that uses sport, mainly soccer, to engage troubled youths in the Kampala area. Through football, they try to keep orphans and street children attending school and in one or two cases allow them to earn a living off of soccer.

    CAC is partnering with KSEM for the first time and their enthusiasm and knowledge of soccer is evident. Every day for a week there were about twenty coaches in sometimes rainy conditions who came out to learn more about how soccer can be used to teach social messages. These included ten coaches from KSEM and another ten coaches invited from the local communities. The main lessons for the week were to work with them regarding using various soccer games to get social messages across. This was slightly different than their past experiences of having sport itself be the reason to keep kids out of the streets and progressing in life.

    The lessons that they embraced the quickest were those that taught about HIV/AIDS as well as those that pertained to Marta and Ronaldo. The coaches showed their proficiency in learning and teaching the games with a very fun Friday where they did all the coaching. I believe that KSEM and their coaches have taken a big step forward in a very short period of time in realizing that sport can be used to teach social messages instead of just being an outlet for troubled youths. Hopefully in future years the CAC and KSEM partnership can continue the positive steps that they have made this year by utilizing sport for social development in every soccer practice they have!