• Our Last Program is Positively Different – It’s Netball Time!

    Naz 2012 dDecember 11th, 2012:

    Coaches Across Continents (CAC) has just finished our last program of the year, this one with Naz India. We could not have ended the year on a more positive note. One of our biggest principles at Coaches Across Continents is to promote female empowerment. We insist that our partner programs work with girls and bring female coaches into our training session. The Naz India program is different, in that they work exclusively with girls in the three cities of Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai.

    Girls at specific sites register for a ten-month program that includes classroom sessions of the GOAL curriculum, plus netball training. Yes, you read that right. Coaches Across Continents has now worked with its first non-football related program. Despite some minor differences between the two sports and being allowed to use your hands, netball (and almost any team sport) is very similar to soccer. All of our games translate easy to other disciplines, which allowed our partnership with Naz India to happen and be such a success this year.

    Both Naz India and Coaches Across Continents use the GOAL curriculum, which was championed by Standard Chartered Bank and developed in the classroom by Women Win and the field by CAC. Now with this first year of our partnership, these two elements have been combined. We had 35 coaches (almost exclusively 14-16 year old girls) participate in the training so that they can use the CAC on-field GOAL curriculum next year alongside the classroom curriculum.Naz 2012 b

    The reason for our almost exclusively female coaching participants is part of Naz India’s sustainability model. Girls who show promise and have finished the Goal Program can turn around in the next year and serve as the peer coaches, earning leadership positions and continued confidence in their abilities. After our last month around India, seeing many cultural difference which limit the ways in which girls dress, participate in sports, and engage in society, it was refreshing to see a group of girls that show confidence in themselves and power in their own abilities. Across the country the Goal Program educates 1,000 girls, with that number expected to double in 2013.

    We are thrilled that our 2012 year ended on such a positive note. A special thanks to all our partner programs for inviting us to their communities this year, plus all the coaches who worked for Coaches Across Continents. We look forward to starting strong in six weeks when we begin our first program in Haiti! If you want to be a part of the fun on the field, please contact us!

    “Naz India has been implementing Goal since the last 6 years using sport and life skills as 2 strategies and building the confidence in young girls. However, through the CAC training we realize the powerful value of integrating sport and the social messages. The Naz coaches benefited immensely from the CAC training; they learned simple and fun ways to deliver critical messages to young people!”

    –          Kalyani Subramanyam, National Coordinator, Goal India