• Play Soccer Ghana makes a lasting impact on Women’s Day 2013.

    March 11th, 2013.  Play Soccer Ghana celebrated Women’s Day with a female soccer tournament attracting women all throughout Cape Coast to the beautiful Football for Hope Center. The young women that came out to the event were able to be involved in the Play Soccer Ghana program that teaches about social issues through games, while competing in the soccer tournament.

    Play Soccer Ghana has a curriculum that is used throughout many countries in Africa touching subjects on health and many social issues. During Women’s Day on March 8th, Play Soccer Ghana focused mainly on educating the young females about their health. They not only taught about health through soccer on March 8th but health officials addressed the young women before the soccer tournament educating them about major issues that affect women throughout Ghana. Coaches Across Continents applaud our partners for the difference they made on Women’s Day throughout the world!Image