• #PlayItForward in Thailand

    May 1, 2015.  Click here for Part 1 or Part 2.  Friday is Labor Day, a national holiday in Thailand.  And Coaches Across Continents has just completed our second week working with Chevrolet FC and World Vision in Bangkok.  The dozens of participants who attended this week did so from throughout Thailand, meaning that this campaign is having a national impact beyond the refurbished field at Bang Bua school in Bangkok.  Many of the participants work directly with World Vision and will be sharing their learning with other members of their local offices.  Overall, our two weeks of training will impact over 20,000 children.

    Thailand has been a fantastic host for our program.  The director of the Bang Bua School, Miss Aonrumpa Phodaeng, gleefully calls her campus a “happy place.”  The children, staff, and Miss Phodaeng herself radiate joy while you are with them.  However outside of campus there are many serious issues in Thailand.  Trafficking and Health & Wellness issues were highlighted by the local coaches as two areas they would like to address.  There are many types of trafficking, including sexual, conscripting children to become beggars, forced child labor, and even organ trafficking in some instances.  Our curriculum for this week therefore focused on educating about how to use sport for social impact, as well as our Child Rights module.  The coaches highlighted the need to properly educate children about these issues, and were great at being able to extrapolate the messages from our games into social impact teachable moments.

    “I never knew that football can be used to solve problems.  I think I can make a new curriculum to teach children in my community about trafficking, sexual health, and more.  I learned how to use football to teach messages and to adapt and teach children. Thank you to Coaches Across Continents.”

    – Mr. Phongphan Choemue, World Vision, Maesalong Program

    Finding our voice and learning skills… “Ronaldo One!”


    GOAL! And getting to watch the GK pick the ball out of the back of the net.


    Each of these coaches will train their colleagues who will impact thousands of children in Thailand.

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