• #PlayItForward in Bangkok

    April 25, 2015.  (For the Field Launch – Part 1, click here).  Our award-winning partnership with Chevrolet FC continues in 2015 under the banner #PlayItForward.  After successful sport for social impact trainings last year in Indonesia, the United States, and South Africa, the first program of 2015 finds ourselves in Bangkok, Thailand, working with local community implementing partner World Vision.  One major element of our partnership with Chevrolet FC is to create sustainable impact which will allow local coaches, teachers, and leaders to use sport to educate about local issues.  This is key so that the beautiful facilities that Chevrolet FC are creating can be used as a venue for community development on a consistent basis in each community and country.

    Three CAC senior staff members (Nick, Sophie, and Brian) embraced the opportunity to work with coaches, teachers, and social workers invited by World Vision this past week.  For four long and extremely hot days we were able to work on many topics focused on Child Rights.  Trafficking is a serious problem in Thailand and Southeast Asia in many forms.  Children are trafficked for sex, slavery, to become beggars, organ trafficking, and manual labor.  Many of the games we taught this week came from our Child Rights module which we have developed over the past year based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.  More importantly than our Child Rights training were the steps that the coaches took in being able to create their own games to address this issue.  By the end of the week, coaches were easily adapting games, with a few creating their own fun soccer-based games that can be used in their schools.

    The best thing about working with CAC is that the training showed us that you can solve all the problems in each country such as gender inequality, violations against child rights or alcohol and drug abuse. For example, teachers can use games to show children how alcohol abuse is not good, instead of only talking to them.

    – Prakit Lelaviwat, World Vision National Office and CAC course participant

    The work and progress made in Thailand, supported through the investment from Chevrolet FC, will have lasting and sustainable impact.  The new field built at the Bang Bua School can act as a hub for children to learn through play, from the coaches, teachers, and social workers who have learned from the CAC curriculum and methodology.


    It was a great – but very hot – week in Thailand!


    Great week with CAC and World Vision


    “Oooh! Butterflies!”


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