• Supporting the Urban Soccer Collaborative at the NSCAA Convention


    January 18th, 2010

    Our Global Strategist, Nick Gates was one of the expert panelists at a discussion hosted by the Urban Soccer Collaboration at the NSCAA Convention in Philadelphia. Representatives from more than 70 US communities attended the presentation to hear ways to develop Soccer as Vehicle for Social Change.

    “It was an excellent 90 minute session from experts in the field. We shared our stories of our work around the world and finished with a 2 minute video from our partnership program in Malawi. We continue to work with USC and the Pass Back program from US Soccer Foundation to help change lives in urban communities in the US.”

    USC Panel Description: Soccer as Vehicle for Social Change

    In the United States soccer has long been a part of life for countless youth in suburban communities. This treasure has provided life changing experiences and numerous resources to those lucky enough to have access. The Urban Soccer Collaborative (USC) is at the center of a powerful movement that is taking soccer to vulnerable youth in undeserved communities. However, the goal is much larger than just introducing the sport to a new group of kids. This movement is built on using soccer as the center of life skill and youth development programming.

    All across the nation, soccer is being used to transform the lives of children who are at high risk for child-hood obesity, gang activity, drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, poor academic performance, and premature death due to at-risk behavior. In this session, you will hear from several organizations all of whom have various youth development programs with soccer as their hook. Attendees will hear about the work being done and how coaches and volunteers, at all levels, can be actively involved. There will also be information on developing outreach programs.