• Coaches Across Continents Behind the Scenes

    IMG_0752June 11th 2013: Over the past seven days Coaches Across Continents have been developing many aspects of our off field work. Without off field work CAC would not be able to deliver successful and sustainable programs like the recent week in Uganda with the Buwaya Youth Association.  Indeed consistent support is essential to allow CAC to run programs in 20 countries this year benefiting our implementing partners, volunteers, coaches and most importantly the children we impact.
    From our office in London, CAC have developed many significant partnerships and networks which will continue to build the organisation as we reach the half way point of our 5th year. CAC are a significant part of the sport for social impact community and met with Beyond Sport this week to discuss future events in the industry including a showcase of CAC’s work in London. Furthermore, there are ongoing discussions with UNICEF regarding the potential addition of child and human rights into the extensive CAC curriculum, demonstrating the high regard CAC is held in globally. We are also in talks to link with an international soccer coaching organisation to ensure our programs consistently have the highest quality coaching.


    In order to build our organisation and benefit implementing partners CAC have created a partnership with Thomson Reuters which will  provide legal advice for successful applicants through their foundation. Confirmation of future CAC ambassadors from the soccer world will further increase our standing in the sport for social impact industry. Our partner XL Soccer Tours have been able to sell soccer equipment as part of our Equipment Across Continents initiative. Finally, extensive meetings with members of our business advisory board and the management consultancy group Fortitude Partners  have also helped to form our future strategy towards the end of 2013 and into 2014 which will lead to the continued growth of the organisation. Our on-going off field work allows the on field programs to flourish as CAC continue to impact communities globally.