• Nigerian Experience

    April 26, 2014. Community Impact Coach Natasha Bredekamp from The Football Foundation of South Africa joined CAC Senior Staff member Sophie Legros for a week in Nigeria – she tells us about her experience.


    It’s Sunday morning and the long journey towards Nigeria waits, filled with excitement and ready to coach again after 3 years, I ensure I have all the necessary documents. Board the plane in Cape Town and there are no hassles, phase one of my travels completed successfully, off the plane in Johannesburg and now for the dash across the airport to make it to the International Departure Gate to Nigeria in time. I make it through passport control and as I’m about to board the plane, I am asked for my Yellow Fever Card (OH NO!!!). I don’t have one of those and everyone said I wouldn’t need one but no stress, there is a clinic on Johannesburg airport and I can have the vaccination done there and then board the next plane.P1080873

    Monday morning, vaccine shot received and about to check in for the 2nd attempt to get to Nigeria. Success at last and I’m off, in a double seat all to myself with in-flight entertainment. Arrive in Lagos and the temperature is 35 degrees at 21:00pm (WELCOME TO NIGERIA). I get through passport control and as I’m looking for the assigned driver, I see a mob of people outside and I know there is no way I’m going to find him without any help, so I get an airport attendant to assist me in calling him and have him meet me inside the airport. Finally, we are in Lagos and on our way to the hotel, with buzzing roads and crazy traffic, you are left to wonder; “when does this town sleep?”.

    Tuesday morning, time to meet the Coaches Across Continents Team Mate – Sophie – and off to the training field. Today we are doing the Be Empowered module, with games like Seles Attack and Sawa’s Rights it was destined to be a good day, and so it was, with the enthusiastic students which were compiled of teachers, coaches and players all visibly enjoying every game and taking an interest in the message it delivered. P1080888

    Wednesday and Thursday was the same as Tuesday, same energy, same students but different games. Be Healthy and Be Money Savvy were two modules that grabbed some extra interest as the students couldn’t wait for reviews, so they could make some personal notes about what they learnt.

    Thursday afternoon was extra special as it included a certificate handover ceremony which acknowledges all the participants for their involvement and hard work during the week. An Absa Bank Representative was also available for the ceremony, which was nice as they had sponsored the training and supported the foundation in making it possible that Sophie and I could be there to deliver this amazing training session.

    With a heavy heart my week has come to an end and I am to leave Nigeria Friday night but not without taking a quick trip around Lagos to try and find some local markets. But the universe had other plans for me as it started storming and all the markets were closed, so I spent a few hours at the local mall before departing Nigeria. P1080897

    This trip has reminded me why I love what I do, as making a difference using sports brings so many different cultures, races, gender and nationalities all together in one venue with one GOAL!!

    Thank You to Sophie, Nick, Iwa, Preye, Lean and everyone who made this experience possible – Coaches Across Continents, Ovie Brume Foundation, Women Win, Youth Empowerment Foundation.

  • GOAL Rocks the Rock City

    July 26, 2013.  The GOAL Tanzania program finished its three-city training tour here in Mwanza, Tanzania.  Mwanza is also known as the Rock City for the boulders that surround the landscape and also punctuate the surface of adjacent Lake Victoria.  In this smaller up-country city, 43 teachers and Standard Chartered employees turned out at Kirumba Stadium to undergo three intensive days of GOAL training.  The teachers represented 33 schools which house over 28,000 students.  The teachers are now prepared to pass along the lessons learned in the GOAL curriculum to their students.

    IMG_4921The GOAL curriculum, championed by Standard Chartered, brings important life lessons onto the soccer field.  Boys and girls will learn lessons in order to Be Healthy, Be Empowered, Be Yourself, and Be Money Savvy all while having fun playing games on the pitch.  During the training the teachers had great fun as well, enjoying playing the games under the bright Tanzanian sun on a great grass field.  In fact, the first day of training was delayed slightly while we waited for the Tanzanian Men’s National Soccer Team to conclude their training in preparation for an upcoming match against Uganda.

    IMG_4989The GOAL program has been sponsored it its first year in Tanzania by Standard Chartered Bank, joining other on field GOAL CAC countries of Ghana, India and Indonesia.  Overall the GOAL Tanzania training educated over 150 teachers, coaches, and Standard Chartered employees who represent 63 different primary and secondary schools.  It is expected that the impact of students taught the GOAL curriculum in the next few months will be in the tens of thousands.  The effects of the GOAL training has also extended to the teachers who have rediscovered their love of sport and the positive energy derived from being healthy.  We can’t wait for them to get started in their schools and pass it on to their students.


  • GOAL Tanzania Heads to Arusha

    July 23, 2013.  While most people took the weekend off, Standard Chartered’s GOAL training continued in Arusha, Tanzania.  After a successful training and launch of the program in Dar es Salaam last week, Coach Nico and Coach Brian traveled up country to the tourist town of Arusha.  Although it has a smaller population than the capital, 47 teachers came out which is the same number who attended last week.  The teachers were enthusiastic about their new training, with some traveling up to one hour from the nearby town of Moshi to spend the last four days with us.

    IMG_4643The GOAL program was created by Coaches Across Continents and championed by Standard Chartered as a means to teach children through sport using four main topics: Be Healthy, Be Yourself, Be Empowered, and Be Money Savvy.  The teachers are now prepared to coach these games in their schools and have their students learn outside the classroom as well as inside.

    IMG_4630Besides the normal antics of a CAC training, there was a lot of comaraderie as many coaches bonded with fellow Tanzanian Nico Achimpota, a CAC Community Impact Coach.  At the end of the training the local Sports Officer showed his appreciation by giving coaches Nico and Brian (as well as Standard Chartered manager Beda) our own Maasai Matavuvale (clothes).  The traditional Maasai adumu is a dance which consists of jumping, with recognition going to the person who gets highest.  Coach Brian shows that he still has it as the photo below shows!  The final training site for the Standard Chartered GOAL program will begin in Mwanza on Wednesday.

    Coach Brian gest a quick jump on Nico and Beda

    Coach Brian gets a quick jump on Nico and Beda

  • Setting the Standard in Tanzania

    Dr. Fenera Mkangara and Liz Lloyd officially launch the GOAL program in Tanzania

    Dr. Fenera Mkangara and Standard Chartered CEO Liz Lloyd officially launch the GOAL program in Tanzania

    July 19, 2013.  Yesterday marked the official launch of the GOAL program in Tanzania.  Sponsored by Standard Chartered Bank, the launch of GOAL Tanzania was a tremendous spectacle with impressive entertainment and highlighted by the speech from the honorable Dr. Fenera Mkangara, the Tanzanian Minster of Information Youth, Culture, and Sport.  Introduced by Liz Lloyd, the CEO of Standard Chartered Tanzania, Dr. Fenera Mkangara spoke to the hundreds of school children and assembled media about the importance of the GOAL program for Tanzania.  She stressed the importance and need to increase the participation of girls in sport, and that, “sports is a strong linkage and important in raising children and the development of the nation at large and can improve child health and develop their studies.”

    Championed by Standard Chartered, the GOAL program teaches young boys and girls social lessons through football-based games over four main modules: Be Healthy, Be Empowered, Be Yourself, and Be Money Savvy.  Earlier in the week 64 teachers, coaches and Standard Chartered employees from the Dar es Salaam area went through an intensive training program to learn and be able to teach twenty GOAL games.  They will now implement these games with boys and girls in their respective schools who are aged 9-14.  The impact in Dar es Salaam alone is expected to approach 10,000 students.

    A snake performer was part of the festivities during the ceremony

    A snake performer was part of the days festivities!

    The launch moment came after a fun-filled day that included a DJ, dancers, a contortionist, a performer with a 15-foot snake, stilt-walkers, and a short demonstration of one of the GOAL games which included participation by Dr. Mkangara, Ms. Lloyd, and Rehema Tunzo the Headmistress of Zanaki Secondary School where the festivities took place.  Shortly thereafter the trio walked down the red carpet to cut a ceremonial ribbon under a shower of confetti to mark this monumental moment.  Make sure to check out our facebook page to see albums from both the Launch Day and the Teachers Training.

    The CAC team of Brian Suskiewicz and Tanzanian Community Impact Coach Nicolaus Achimpota now head to Arusha and Mwanza to train even more teachers in this valuable program.

    Teachers and coaches pose alongside the guests of honor with their certificates.

    Teachers and coaches pose alongside the guests of honor with their certificates.

  • Here For Good – Standard Chartered in Ghana

    April 12, 2013. This week was a perfect score.  In 100˚F heat we worked with 100+ coaches at the Kaneshie Sports Complex in Accra, Ghana.  Despite the warm temperatures, the coaches were playful and enthusiastic as we learned games from the GOAL curriculum.  This curriculum, championed by Standard Chartered Bank, teaches young players, especially girls, four main themes: Be Healthy, Be Empowered, Be Yourself, and Be Money Savvy.  The Standard Chartered motto, “Here For Good”, perfectly states their mission to improve the communities in which they work.

    IMG_0779This week’s collaboration between Coaches Across Continents, Standard Chartered Bank, Youth Icons, and the Ghana Football association highlighted what can be accomplished at the grass roots level through football.  GFA coaches Daniel Mensah and Carl Lokko helped to bring in over 100 youth coaches from the greater Accra region. These coaches came from a variety of backgrounds including former Black Stars (Ghana National Team), youth team coaches, and even some physical education teachers.  These coaches have pledged to CAC that they will teach these GOAL games and messages to their approximately 8,000 boys and girls players over the next year.

    IMG_0688From the outset the coaches eagerly jumped into our soccer-based games, sometimes getting into great competition with each other.  Laughter and dust flew easily as the coaches put in a great effort into all of the games they learned.  It is clear that Ghana will continue to be a power in Africa on and off the field because of great coaches like these.  They are interested in making great footballers as well as great future citizens, and are the type of strong coach role models that are necessary to make this happen.  Next week the GOAL training will continue in Kumasi, Ghana, as we work for the first time in the Ashanti Region.

    Over 100 coaches learned the GOAL program championed by Standard Chartered Bank

    Over 100 coaches learned the GOAL program championed by Standard Chartered Bank