• Buwate Youth Sports Academy SHINES ON!

    March 12th, 2013.  Coaches Across Continents have finished their Hat-Trick Initiative with Buwate Youth Sports Academy, but that doesn’t mean sport for social impact has stopped there. This past Women’s Day Buwate celebrated with addressing an issue that is most times hidden in communities.

    After many young girls, and young women in their community came forward describing horrible situations where they were succumbed to give sexual advances for employement, Buwate Youth Sports Academy didn’t want it to be a silent issue any longer. They invited women of all ages to their academy for netball and football games on Women’s Day playing Marta Games from CAC’s curriculum, and addressing the issue of unfair employment. They had women share stories of employment issues, and the harsh realities of being a women and having to deal with sexual advances from people in power.  They let the women speak up and speak out that they won’t be quiet when treated unfairly and they will stand up for their rights!

    Buwate Sports Academy ended their Women’s Day passing out clothes, shoes, books and soap donated by Universal Aid Society of Canada.


  • Coaching successes in Buwate, Uganda

    May 26th, 2012. A Tale of Two Successes

    A new generation of leader…..Francis with Coaches Across Continents

    Last week Coaches Across Continents worked for the third consecutive year in Buwate, Uganda, headed by former Ugandan International Kato Richard Ssebunya. But during the week, it was two other people who stood out for different reasons. On the very first day working with Richard’s players in Buwate, we met an extremely shy kid named Francis. He spoke so quietly that we could barely understand him when we asked for his name. Even though he was a young boy of maybe twelve, he showed none of the bravado of most boys his age. Then without our knowledge and despite his young age, he adopted us and appointed himself a coach. For the next week Francis came to every session where we trained the older coaches, participating fully. By the end of the week, he was confidently shouting instructions to older coaches and demonstrating during every skill and game. We have no doubt that Francis will be a great future leader in Buwate.

    At the other end of the spectrum was Muhammed. In the beginning of the week, all he could talk about were his

    Learning Soccer for Social Development with Coaches Across Continents

    two players that made the national team. It seemed that those were the only two players he cared about. He confidently proclaimed himself the best coach in Uganda. In case you couldn’t tell, Muhammed was not shy at all. His development was outstanding, and by the end he had completely bought into our messages of social development for all players – not just his very best. After one session, he told Coach Lauren how grateful he was for our work. When he was younger, he said, there was no one to teach him these important messages about leadership, voice, conflict resolution, and HIV prevention. He assured us that he would take care to spread these messages to all of his 170 players. His development impressed all of us. He learned so much in one week, and we are confident that the players in his academy will continue to benefit from his hard work.

    Francis and Muhammed showed us, in two very different ways, the power of football. It allowed one person to find his voice and show great promise as a future leader for his country. On the other end of the spectrum, it opened the eyes of an already accomplished coach.

    Soccer can be used to help everyone – not just those who show the best promise of reaching the top level.

  • Meet our Partner Programs in Uganda

    Meet Kampala School of Excellence Ministries
    1. What is your name and what is your organization? Ntale Daniel Kiseka and am the founder of Kampala School Of Excellence Ministries

    2. What is the biggest message you try to teach your kids through the game of soccer?  Our main answer with football is to teach goal setting because we believe that it helps one succeed in life. We believe that participation in sports gives a child fun, practical and active way to learn about goal setting.

    3. Who is your favorite soccer team? CHELSEA Football Club
    4. If you could meet any famous soccer person in the world, who would it be and why?
    Didier Drogba, I would feel so great seeing a blood brother succeeding in life to famous world.

    5. What is the thing you are looking forward to most about working with Coaches Across Continents? 

    With the help of working with your organization, a number of our trained coaches have become more engaged with their teams while helping them to steward each player towards a positive outcome, such as going to or playing in college or beyond.

    Meet Buwate Youth Sports Academy

    1. What is your name and what is organization? My names are KATO RICHARD SSEBUNYA. THE ORGANIZATION IS BUWATE YOUTH SPORTS ACADEMY.
    2. What is the biggest message you try to teach your kids through the game of soccer?
    HIV/AIDS awareness, social Development, and to keep out of Drugs
    3. What is your favorite soccer team?
    4. If you could meet any famous soccer person in world , who would it be?
    BECKHAM AND MARTA THE FEMALE so that I can tell them about our organization. 
    5. What is best thing about working with Coaches Across Continents?
    To gain knowledge and to promote our organization.

    Meet Friends of Orphans (FRO)

    1. What is your name and what is your organization? My name is Anywar Ricky Richard and the name of my organization is call Friends of Orphans.

    2. What is the biggest message you try to teach your kids through the game of soccer?

    Friends of Orphans runs games and sports program to help in peace building and reconciliation among the people of northern Uganda who have been at war for over 21 years. FRO supports many different games and sports teams in northern Uganda through training, supplies of games and sports equipments and holds games and sports competitions, which draws teams from many different communities – this encourages interaction and engenders a sense of community. FRO trains peace builder’s educators – who are able to instruct, educate and also monitor human rights’ violation – and community groups.

    3. Who is your favorite soccer team? Arsenal

    4. If you could meet any famous soccer person in the world, who would it be? Thierry Henry because he looks very humble and kind.

    5. What is the best thing about working with Coaches Across Continents? Bringing in well experienced coaches to work with Friends of Orphans. Also for using soccer as a way to mobilize communities to teach them in various aspects of developments.

  • Meet the New Coaches

    Meet Addie Cartan
    Favorite soccer team:  Barcelona
    Favorite player: Messi
    Favorite movie:  The Wedding Date
    Favorite food:  Thai Food, Pad Thai
    Who will win Euro 2012?  Sweden
    What you are most looking forward to with your volunteering?  Meeting young soccer  players and helping them to become more confident as soccer players and as leaders.

    Interesting fact(s) about you:  Played four years of college soccer, am currently a sixth grade teacher in USA, enjoy cooking almost more then playing soccer

    Addie will be working alongside coaches Emily Lambert and Brian Suskiewicz in Liberia with Soccer Ambassadors for Christ.

    Meet Lauren Urke
    Favorite soccer team: Chelsea F.C.
    Favorite player: Messi
    Favorite movie: Despicable Me
    Favorite food: Dark Chocolate
    Who will win Euro 2012? Italy
    Funniest moment on the soccer field: Playing an inter-squad scrimmage for my high school      team   in a batman costume when we had practice on Halloween.
    What you are most looking forward to with your volunteering? I am looking forward to using a passion of my own to help others.  I want to get to know people from different walks of life to gain a better understanding of the world around me. Most of all, I want to improve the lives of those I am working with through meaningful relationships and experiences.

    Interesting fact(s) about you: I am a twin in a family with two sets of twins (and I’m from the Twin Cities). I enjoy playing and teaching violin, reading, skiing, and spending time with my family and friends.

    Lauren will be working with two CAC partners in Uganda; Buwate Youth Sports Academy and Kampala School of Excellence Ministries.

    Meet Peyton Johnson
    Favorite soccer team: Arsenal FC
    Favorite player: Cesc Fabregas
    Favorite movie: Love Actually
    Favorite food: Chipotle Burrito Bowls
    Who will win Euro 2012? Spain
    Funniest moment on the soccer field: When I was dribbling the ball on a breakaway and a girl pulled down my shorts to my knees. Embarrassing and funny in hindsight.
    What you are most looking forward to with your volunteering? I’m looking forward to living in a totally new country and meeting all of the awesome local volunteers who are working to better their communities.

    Interesting fact(s) about you: I love peanut butter, and I can’t touch my toes.

    Peyton will also be working in Uganda with CAC partners Buwate Youth Sports Academy and Kampala School of Excellence Ministries.