• CAC & Soccer in the Sand Announce Partnership

    March 11th 2015. Coaches Across Continents (CAC), international non-profit organization, are delighted to announce a new partnership with Soccer in the Sand. Soccer in the Sand will be supporting CAC globally with a particular focus on CAC’s partnership with the Horn of Africa Development Initiative (HODI) in Northeastern Kenya which uses soccer to promote human rights with marginalized populations in the area. For instance, HODI aim to address female genital mutilation (FGM) in a region in which 98% of girls are victims, often before the age of 5. The CAC program with HODI uses soccer to give local leaders the capacity to challenge harmful traditions and cultures such as FGM and create an environment in which these practices are eliminated. CAC and Soccer in the Sand are giving you the opportunity to help address this topic by supporting the program through this link- https://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/CAC2015/SITScampaign.

    Alongside this, Soccer in the Sand will be donating $1 to this CAC program for every pair of socks sold at their beach soccer series tournaments across the US in 2015. So if you are attending a Soccer in the Sand tournament this year you will get another chance to create social change through the sport by purchasing soccer socks. By getting involved you are helping to address a dangerous practice which goes against the UN rights of the child and making a difference in communities in which FGM is most prevalent.

    About Coaches Across Continents

    Coaches Across Continents is a global leader in the sport for social impact movement. We partner with local organizations to implement our award-winning ‘Hat-Trick Initiative’ that focuses on local social issues such as: female empowerment, including gender equity; conflict resolution, including social inclusion; health and wellness, including HIV behavior change; and other life skills. Our key to success is a unique self-directed learning model that is based on our ‘Chance to Choice’ curriculum. In 2014, we worked in 26 countries with 74 implementing community partner programs. Overall, we educated 3,157 community coaches who impacted a further 280,396 young people.

    We have also won 11 awards in just five years including ‘Corporate of the Year’ at the 2014 Beyond Sport awards for our partnership with Chevrolet and their ‘What Do You #Playfor?’ campaign.

    For more information about the founder of HODI please look at this recent Boston Globe article.

    About Soccer in the Sand

    Soccer in the Sand is a series of amateur beach soccer tournaments held at beach locations in states throughout the United States. The tournaments feature local adult and child competitors organized into teams of seven to ten members, with five on field at any given time. The teams compete in one- or two-day tournaments, depending on location, with each team playing at least three games, and top teams advancing farther. The series was created in 2006

    For more information on Soccer in the Sand and their 2015 dates and locations please visit www.soccerinthesand.com.


  • I Have A Voice

    Coaches Across Continents volunteer Marie Margolius writes about her first week in Mexico City with Street Soccer Mexico.

    January 20th 2015. During our second day in Mexico City, Anna and I ran the afternoon session on Female Empowerment. Before taking the field after lunch, we led a short off-field discussion about the rights of women and how the Street Soccer Mexico coaches can foster gender equal environments on the field. The issue of gender inequality was not initially identified as a priority for Street Soccer Mexico, but during our discussion of the abuse and inequality that women face all around the world, it became clear that gender inequality was a main issue in Mexico, too. The most chilling and inspiring revelation of this truth came when one woman by the name of Lasalia, who had not spoken the entire week, stood up and made a heartfelt, passionate announcement. With a twinge of frustration and a sense of urgency in her voice, Lasalia told her (mostly male) peers:

    “People often think that women in Mexico don’t face the types of abuses that other women around the world face, but in reality they do. Now in Mexico we have more assaults of young girls than people think, but because these girls are often very young they don’t or can’t talk about it. So yes, there is mistreatment of women by men, but the women are silenced by their male older partners who abuse them. It’s different in every country, but it’s a problem in our country, too.”

    Although the Street Soccer Mexico director and strategists didn’t initially identify gender inequality as a relevant issue in their areas, when Lasalia began speaking about the reality of the gender situation in Mexico, she was met with sincere concern and respect from the Street Soccer Mexico staff. This response was both encouraging and indicative of Street Soccer Mexico’s open-mindedness and ability to challenge norms and traditions in the name of social progress.

    Lasalia’s speech gave the CAC staff chills, and Street Soccer Mexico’s response warmed our hearts. We couldn’t have asked for a better group of coaches for our first week in Mexico! Off to Guadalajara to work with the Rafa Marquez Foundation!!
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