• Goal 1: Dates announced with the Botswana Predator Conservation Trust

    February 25th, 2011.

    Following a successful pilot program with Coaching for Conservation (C4C) in 2010, Coaches across Continents are delighted to announce a full Hat-Trick Initiative partnership for 2011.

    Coaching for Conservation (C4C) strives to conserve Botswana’s natural resources by using sport to engender self-respect and inspire a generation of kids who care.

    Our core values “Respect Yourself, Respect Each Other, and Respect Your Environment” aim to help children build self-esteem, engage in constructive social exchange and develop an awareness and sensitivity to the environment they live and play in.

    Coaches across Continents will provide international coaches and mentors to build skills and provide young people with a positive outlook on life and the future. This includes teaching young adult Batswana coaching skills and techniques, as well as the importance of health, for them to become mentors for young people in their communities.

    “We first met with Lesley at the Beyond Sport Awards 2009 and we were able to provide Gibbo to help with their program in 2010.  C4C is a global leader in using sport for conservation and we are looking forward to learning from their year round sustainable program while developing local coaches and leaders who can deliver the C4C curriculum to local schools and teams.  It is an exciting partnership scheduled for June 12th-26th 2011.” Dr Andy Old, Coach Advisory Board.

    Coaches Paul, Brian, Sarah and Sophie will share our ideas with C4C during their staff training and summer camp.