• Coaches Across Continents Releases New Video

    February 27, 2013.  Coaches Across Continents is happy to release our latest video, our 2013 Social Impact Documentary.


    Filmed in Marsabit, Kenya with our partner group Horn of Africa Development Initiative (HODI), this community is showing how sport can change a community that faces female genital mutilation, girls being sold into marriage, and gun violence.

    It’s fascinating to see the impact of the Coaches Across Continents work from the voices of the local coaches, teachers, and young people.  We get a chance to see first-hand the impact that sport is having on programs like HODI all over the world.

    Nick Gates, Founder, Coaches Across Continents

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  • Meet the Coaches – Haiti Edition!

    January 10, 2013.  Coaches Across Continents is happy to welcome two new faces this week, Cheta Emba and Marie Magolius.  Both Cheta and Marie are sophomore soccer players at Harvard University and will be working with our partner program and Street Football World member, GOALS Haiti.  This is CAC’s first year working with GOALS Haiti.

    Cheta EmbaCheta comes to CAC from the great state of Virginia where she was a GK for the Virginia Olympic Development Program team as well as a captain for her soccer and basketball teams.  At Harvard University she is taking pre-med studies while continuing to play for the soccer program.  She has played in ten games over her first two seasons.  “I want to volunteer for Coaches Across Continents because it unites two things that I am passionate about: service with/for others and soccer.”

    Marie MargoliusMarie is a defender from Acton, Massachusetts who has seen action in 31 games in her first two seasons at Harvard.  She is studying Environmental Science and Nutrition.  Her visit to Haiti will be her first experience outside of the country.  “I’ve always wanted to do community service.., but I’ve never come across an opportunity like this one. When three girls on my Harvard soccer team told me about Coaches Across Continents, I knew I immediately wanted to be a part. Everything I’ve heard about the program is great, and I can’t wait to get involved.”

    Cheta and Marie will be assisted by CAC Founder Nick Gates for this two-week program.

  • Back Where It All Began: Brian Revisits Whizz Kids United

    Oct 9th, 2012:  This past week I worked at Whizz Kids United.  It was in many ways, a sense of déjà vu.  You see, Whizz Kids United was the first program that I was partnered with when I started at Coaches Across Continents in 2010.  Since then, I have worked for CAC in a dozen different African countries.  But it was great to get back to Whizz Kids United and see familiar faces like Siphelele, Marcus, Stefan and Tom and to see the progress that has been made since my last visit.

    Whizz Kids United Playing Scary Soccer

    When last I wrote about WKU, I mentioned the newly opened Edendale Health Center and the extremely high HIV rate in KwaZulu Natal.  However WKU has made tremendous strides with their fully functioning, adoslescent-targeting HIV counseling and testing center, actively counseling and treating over 450 patients.  The center doubles as a football training center, with a modest asphalt pitch (that will soon become a brand new FIFA Football for Hope Center) with life skills trainers actively engaging the youth in games that teach about healthy HIV behavior and encouraging youths in Edendale to utilize the health center to their full advantage.

    Coach Rasta celebrates a goal!

    This past week, Coaches Across Continents again ran a training session for the life skills trainers, enabling them to improve their own coaching abilities as well as provide a football for social development curriculum.  This expanded curriculum will serve WKU well when their new FIFA FFH center comes online in the next calendar year.

    Overall, the WKU Health Academy is making great strides towards being a model for the rest of the country and African continent to follow.  They will soon have a state of the art training ground, offices, changing rooms, and educational meeting rooms, alongside their already operational Health Academy.  This serves as a hub for the youth of the community to hang-out and to promote healthy decisions and lifestyles in order to combat the staggering statistics that are pitted against them.  If the past three years have been any indication I believe that WKU and Edendale will continue to show KZN, South Africa, and the world how to combat this epidemic.

    WKU coaches and players celebrating the end of a great week!

  • Great GOAL in Ghana!

    Sept 27th, 2012:  Coming back to Ghana for our second year running the GOAL program with Standard Chartered was more successful than we ever could have imagined. The GOAL program uses a football-related curriculum highlighting the topics of Being Money Savvy, Being Healthy, Being Empowered, and Being Yourself. This past March we officially launched the program with Liverpool FC where we were able to work with both kids and Standard Chartered employees. This past week we were excited to start working with coaches throughout Accra.

    Coaches Emiy and Brian address the 160 Ghana Coaches

    Walking up to the football pitch in Accra we were bewildered with the number of coaches our in-country partner Youth Icons were able to bring forward. We had over 160 coaches that coached for the Ghana Football Association (GFA) from Greater Accra. These 160 coaches are able to reach over 15,000 kids. We were able to train this array of coaches, some who have only been coaching a few years to some who have had successful professional football careers. Many coaches that participated in the GOAL program coach up to three local youth boys and girls teams.

    Former Black Stars Coach Herbert Addo talks to the coaches

    The GFA coaches were very keen to learn games that would help their football players grow as people off the pitch. Coaching for social development was a new concept for the majority of the coaches but they put everything they had into the training sessions. It was a new experience training ex-professionals football games for social development and having them take competitiveness to a new level. Thanks to the hard work by Youth Icons, Standard Chartered and GFA by the end of the week we were able to hand out 160 well-earned certificates and impact over 15,000 kids.

    Emily and Brian wearing their presents from Accra Coaches