• Partnership with Peace One Day A Huge Success

    October 17, 2014.  Earlier this year Coaches Across Continents announced the largest partnership in sport for social impact.  Together with Peace One Day, we teamed up to supply organizations with a free soccer resource packet that uses CAC games to educate about peace and encourage the development of skill sets that lead to peace building.  On 21 September, these efforts came to the fruition when millions around the world celebrated and recognized Peace Day.

    Together with Peace One Day, Coaches Across Continents is using their One Day One Goal platform to use football as a peace building educational exercise.  Along with their other efforts, the goal for 2014 is to have Peace Day recognized by one billion people globally.  This first year of our partnership was a great start to spreading that awareness.  Overall nearly four hundred sport for social development organizations took advantage of this free resource to educate their communities on peace building practices.  These included organizations on all six continents, and they were distributed and available in six different languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Swahili).

    The focus of this year’s celebrations was on the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Great Lakes region of Africa (focusing on Burundi, Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania).  So far in those five countries we have confirmation of the resource packet being used by 50 organizations to promote peace, with more coming forward every day.  Each of these organizations also held an event for 21 September, the International Day of Peace.  These include CAC implementing community partners as well as organizations who have heard about the power of sport through other avenues like StreetFootballWorld, One World Futbol, FIFA Football for Hope, and Peace One Day.

    Stories, pictures, and videos from around the world continue to arrive speaking of the incredible power that football has as a unifying factor.  Check out some of them on our Facebook page.  If you or your organization want to tell your story from Peace Day, please contact us at: or .

    Celebrating Peace in Goma, Congo

    Celebrating Peace in Goma, Congo

    Celebrating Peace in Diadema, Brazil

    Celebrating Peace in Diadema, Brazil

    Celebrating Peace in Kenya

    Celebrating Peace in Kenya



  • CAC in Portuguese Creole!

    IMG_1079December 23, 2013. Last week Coaches Across Continents finished our final programs of 2013. While one team worked the 2nd week on the island of Jamaica in the Caribbean we ran another program in Cape Verde, a collection of islands off West Africa. This program was ran with Delta Cultura, an award winning organisation who run educational after school programs for children and young people in the small village of Tarrafal on the island of Santiago. Delta Cultura, run by Florian Wegenstein, have an incredible facility in this disadvantaged area located in a picture perfect area. Their 8 buildings consist of classrooms, computer rooms, a musical area and even a carpentry workshop which local children visit to improve their educational attainment.

    They were awarded one of the 20 Football for Hope Centres donated by FIFA in conjunction with the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. This turf pitch has been a major change for Delta Cultura who previously relied on a dirt field with regular interruptions from cows and pigs alike. Thankfully Coaches Across Continents were able to use the FIFA turf field which provided a perfect setting to deliver our first year curriculum. Despite the language difference the strength of the curriculum was able to overcome any problems while local Delta Cultura coach Gilson Costa was integral in explaining games and writing the games for coaches in Portuguese. As ever the conflict resolution games were well received with coaches getting fully involved in the outcome of each game. Games such as the lines game and Marta for Conflict Resolution created many arguments which led to some great discussion about dissolving conflict peacefully.

    IMG_1097The program has allowed local coaches to understand that football can explain many social issues as well as improving players abilities depending on the sessions focus. With the clear passion and knowledge displayed by the coaches the potential for meaningful impact in Cape Verde is great. They specifically noted the games’ abilities to teach children to take responsibility for their actions and believed they could help discourage violence. Many coaches were also quick to point out there is no training of this kind available in the area therefore it is incredibly important. As we plan for the partnership between Delta Cultura and CAC in years 2 and 3 we are confident there will be no shortage of interest and impact by the local coaches.

  • Learning and Sharing with Streetfootballworld

    September 18th 2013. Coaches Across Continents were part of the recent streetfootballworld network meetings in Philadelphia. As an implementing partner of the streetfootballworld, CAC is recognised as a key member of the soccer for social impact community. These meetings took place at the impressive Starfinder Foundation facility and consisted of both on the field coaching and capacity development off the field.559980_422811671134918_2069349784_n

    Present at the meetings were representatives from our community partners GOALS Haiti and Play Soccer while the network includes 12 other CAC community partners. Brought together as part of a FIFA Football for Hope exchange program streetfootballworld facilitated the 3 day event with experts in the field contributing to participants learning.  On the field coaching was run by Coerver coaching who have over 20 years experience coaching soccer to children and young people all over the world. Their training contains technical skills and small sided games which can be adapted by CAC allowing us to continue to develop new games for our soccer for social impact curriculum. It is also important that we ensure the high quality of coaching by CAC is maintained on the field by our coaches as we continue to grow.

    93c5e16fae671c1a3bd9f0d655da3cf3e1519f9dThere was also an intensive 3 day capacity development workshop which consisted of 1 day focused on human resources and 2 days of monitoring and evaluation discussions and seminars. These collaborative discussions allowed network members to share their ideas and insights into key topics in the soccer for social impact field. As a result CAC can learn from others and make sure that our social impact is relevant, focused and useful for future programs.  Development of our organisation is key to ensuring CAC is able to evaluate success and provide the greatest impact together with our community partners all over the world.

  • Goal 1: Exciting new program in Namibia with Special Olympics

    March 24th, 2011.  After 9 months working closely with Special Olympics, including meetings in the USA, England and a site visit in Namibia, Coaches across Continents is excited to share our ideas and learn from the fantastic work at the Football for Hope Centre in Windhoek with a new Hat-Trick Initiative partnership in Namibia.

    Year 1 of this new partnership starts in June 2011 and coaches Brian, Sophie, Alicia, AJ and Dean will run curriculum development sessions for the volunteers of Special Olympics and also sessions for the players. 

    Location: Katatura Community – Windhoek, Namibia

    Centre Host: Special Olympics Namibia (SON)

    Mission: To empower people with intellectual disabilities to realize their full potential and develop their skills through year-round sports training and competition.

    Target population: Girls and boys with intellectual disabilities

    Football-based programmes since: 1998

    “This is the type of exciting partnership for Coaches across Continents that benefits both partners.  The Football for Hope Center in Windhoek is an outstanding facility funded by FIFA through streetfootballworld and by working closely with Special Olympics we can share and learn new ways for life skill development for players with intellectual disabilities.”  Christian Aviza, Coaches across Continents.