• Alicia Johnson Run’s For CAC

    March 19th 2015. Alicia Johnson, former CAC volunteer, ran the Los Angeles marathon last Sunday on behalf of CAC. Not only was Alicia able to run the 26.2 miles but she also managed to raise over $3000 for Coaches Across Continents in the process. Her efforts will help CAC to run our sport for social impact programs all over the world. We would like to thank her on behalf of the communities and youth we serve. Alicia volunteered with CAC in 2011 in Gansbaii, South Africa and with the Special Olympics in Namibia. She now lives and works in LA for Goldman Sachs.

    Over 92% of the money donated to Coaches Across Continents goes directly to our global programs, creating social change through sport. Do you have an upcoming fundraiser or event? Why not raise money for youth from disadvantaged communities in some of the poorest areas of the world? To find out more about fundraising on Coaches Across Continents’ behalf please email . The money you raise will address major social problems such as gender inequality, conflict resolution, child rights and HIV/AIDS behavior change.


  • Support Peace Day with Juggles Across Continents

    July 22, 2014.  Coaches Across Continents is proud to announce our Juggles Across Continents initiative.  In conjunction with yesterday’s historic announcement of the largest sport for social impact partnership, Coaches Across Continents is looking for 99 jugglers who want to promote peace and awareness for this great cause and help change the world in the lead up to Peace Day on 21 September.  It doesn’t matter if you are 3 or 93 years old, or even if you are a great soccer player, CAC is looking for the best people who want to promote this initiative and make sure that the funds they raise go to a worthy cause.

    Read our Juggles Across Continents brochure for more information or how to apply.

    Every juggler will receive a One World Futbol and CAC logo shirt to wear for their on-camera juggle attempt.  In addition CAC will provide incentives for donors to support each juggler, with prizes ranging from a brand new soccer bag, a full set (18) of new soccer shirts, or even a free clinic in your hometown.  Prizes will also be given for the jugglers who make the most fun video.  Finally, everyone who submits a high quality video will have some (or all) of it posted on our social media sites around Peace Day in September.

    To apply to be one of our 99 Jugglers, read our information packet by clicking here.  Or send an email to and answer the following three questions:

    1. When I grow up I/we want to see/be/change…..
    2. The country I want my fundraising effort to go to is….
    3. I hope to raise …. dollars and …. juggles.

    That’s it!  Contact us today!


    A coach in Cambodia shows off his skills to Nick


    Volunteer Sheila Dohman juggles on top of sand dunes in Namibia!


    Liberian coaches juggled as a group, with one coach exceeding 1,000 juggles!




  • Sarah’s 100km Race to the Stones

    July 15, 2014.  Sarah Brown is running 100km to raise funds for Coaches Across Continents. We fully support her efforts and hope that she enjoys every one of her 100 kilometers.  If you want to do a fundraising event with CAC as a beneficiary, we would love to talk!  Look for our 99 Juggles event to be launched on July 19th.
    It’s only 5 days to go until ultra marathon madness.  My months of training are coming to an end but the excitement about this has been well and truly replaced by butterflies and nausea!  I find myself wondering why I am doing this crazy run but I am soon reminded why.  It is for an extremely worthy cause, raising money for Coaches Across Continents.
    When I ran the London marathon 6 years ago the only thing that got me to the end, when both my knees felt like someone was attacking them with a hammer and chisel, was the thought of the good cause I was supporting and all of those who had sponsored me.  This little jog is over twice as far so if you’d like to help me crawl over the finish line on Sunday after 100km then here is the link:
    Every little helps and is very much appreciated by both me and Coaches Across Continents.
    Thanks so much for your support,