• CAC in the Mountains of Rural Haiti

    February 3, 2014. We had a great week working with Association Sportives des Jeunes Filles de Fond des Blancs. First of all, Fond des Blancs is beautiful. It is surrounded by huge mountains, luscious green mango trees, blue skies and filled with smiling people.  It was a very different experience to work with a first year program, but it was really fun to see them embrace and enjoy our games and messages.  P1070564

    The coaches, of course, started out with a few good laughs when we introduced Circle of Friends on the first day. As the day went on, the coaches started to become increasingly competitive with the games and involved in the discussions afterwards.  Each day got better and by the end of the week, I could really see an improvement in the creativity in the way that they were solving the conflicts in the games we taught.  They were great in the discussions on the difference between cheating and making a mistake, the importance of being healthy, and ways to make safer sexual decisions. One thing that all the Fond des Blancs coaches really enjoyed was just playing a game of soccer. We ended the week playing a big 11 vs. 11 game with rocks as goal posts and no true out-of-bounds lines.  It was amazing to me that when someone did a handball or committed a foul there would be no discussion or conflict, even though throughout the week our games definitely caused some arguments. In the soccer game, the team that committed the fault would just give the other team the ball and the game would continue.


    Sophie and I had a great time coaching, but Ricardo, our Community Impact Coach (CIC) from GOALS Haiti the week prior, was a super star. He was great at translating, teaching the games, and leading the discussions after the games. He was incredible at using self-directed learning as a coaching tool to make the new coaches think about solutions without giving them an answer.  He was a great help throughout the week.

    Outside of the training sessions, we had fun exploring Fond des Blancs. Sophie, Ricardo, and I were staying in a beautiful house with our host Molly, the general manager of Haiti Projects who is currently working with the Fond des Blancs girl’s soccer team. She was awesome. She always made sure we had enough food and water, and even gave us a tour of the Haiti Projects, which is an organization that employs women in order to make them self-sufficient and have easier access to health care, jobs, and education.  All of their employees send their children to school, when previously only about 17% could afford to do so.   Women also are reporting an average income increase of over 250% and earn on average 262% more than the national minimum wage. Clearly, it is an incredible organization that deserves a lot of credit for the impact they are making.  It is always great to see organizations that have similar goals to Coaches Across Continents be so successful.  Overall, it was a great week. Sophie, Ricardo and I had an awesome time coaching, sight-seeing, and learning with the exciting people of Fond Des Blancs!


  • I am a girl, I have a voice, listen to me!!

    Zambia 2March 8th, 2013.  Coaches Across Continents is a global leader in using sport to empower women.  One of our key partnership criteria is that we will only work with local communities who include women in their program as both coaches and players.

    This video shows our partnership with Standard Chartered Bank and Women Win to use sport as a vehicle for Female Empowerment.


    International Women’s Day is one of three days throughout the year where we ask all our implementing partners to do something special in their communities and this year there are some fantastic events planned in Indonesia, Cameroon, India, Haiti, Colombia, Zimbabwe and many more.

    Coaches Across Continents used Sport Session Planner to send Female Empowerment games to all our partners to help them with their event.



    March 8th, 2013:  Coaches Across Continents reports from our great partner in Indonesia about their very original idea to support International Women’s Day 2013.

    League of Change is the name of a national street tournament for disadvantaged communities in Indonesia. Our partners Rumah Cemara will be hosting the tournament that will include nine HIV/AIDS and drug dependency organizations consisting of people living with HIV/AIDS, people who use drugs, and people living with disadvantages. Not only does Rumah Cemara involve dependency organizations in their tournament but they also involve the local communities to help them better understand about HIV/AIDS, drug dependency and social issues. This tournament is also an opportunity for participants to be selected for the 2013 Homeless World Cup in Poland.

    This year’s League of Change will be the first time that five women’s teams will be involved in the tournament!!! Despite all the challenges women face in Indonesia, Rumah Cemara is making sure that women won’t face the challenge of not being able to play football. It will be a huge celebration and accomplishment for Women’s Day this year in Indonesia. Great work Rumah Cemara!

    Coaches Across Continents will be back on the court in Indonesia with Rumah Cemara in September 2013.

  • Crimson Across Continents: Harvard University creating a global social legacy through Soccer

    Harvard Women's soccer supports Coaches Across Continents

    March 12th, 2012:  Coaches Across Continents are delighted to announce that 13 Harvard Soccer players and alumni will be working with our Soccer for Social Development programs in Africa and Asia in 2012.

    Jaren LaGrecca – 2011, Kevin Harrington – 2014, William Giahos – 2014,  Tyler Evans – 2015, Christina Hagner – 2010, Gina Wideroff – 2011,  Mel Baskind – 2012, Sophie Legros – 2012, Claudia Haeussler – 2013,  Peyton Johnson – 2014,  Jessica Wright – 2014,  Cheta Emba – 2015 and Lauren Urke – 2015 will be part of programs in Cameroon, India, Kenya,  Namibia, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

    Harvard Men's Soccer supports Coaches Across Continents

    Assistant athletic director Tim Wheaton will also be traveling to Africa to be part of a Football for Social Development program.

    “Over the past 3 years more than 25 players and alums have volunteered their time and Harvard Soccer with Special Olympics and Coaches Across Continents Namibiaskills to work at a Coaches Across Continents program.  That is a fantastic effort by the Harvard soccer community and it has been incredibly important in the success of our programs.  We’d like to thank Carl and Ray for their support and everyone working with the Harvard Athletics department for all their efforts”  Nick Gates ’91 Founder, Coaches Across Continents.