• First Women’s soccer team for Giving Children Hope Initiative

    March 21st, 2013:  Giving Children Hope Initiative near Kampala, Uganda is a Member Partner of CAC and have participated in numerous CAC programs and celebrated International Women’s Day. (GCHI) is a child-focused organization that has a specific women section that deals with underprivileged women teaching them about many social issues, and creating many opportunities within the community for them. Once the women are in the program they not only gain knowledge but they also act as mentors to younger children in the GCHI organization.

    This year Giving Children Hope Initiative celebrated Women’s Day by launching a first ever women’s soccer team in the region with more than 40 girls. They not only started their first ever women’s soccer team, but they also launched two new women’s groups in their program to better reach out to the community and had speakers come out addressing major issues on sexual harassment and gender based violence.

  • Naz Foundation empowers women throughout India!

    IMG_6912March 20th, 2013.  India along with many parts of the world is dealing with atrocities and continued violence against women. CAC started working with NAZ Foundation in India this past year, and we feel very lucky to work with them. They are leaders in teaching the Standard Chartered GOAL curriculum to women throughout three major cities in India; Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai. This year for Women’s Day they hosted events at all locations, believing India needs all the support and programs they can give at this very critical time in history for women.

    The NAZ Foundation Mumbai team hosted an event that embraced girls from both Hindi and Urdu languages that opened with a range of fun games. After playing games and getting the girls comfortable, Anjali Gopalan; Founder and Executive director of Naz Foundation, and Halima Fanibada; Headmistress of Trombay High school spoke to the group of young women.  The two speakers had very important messages for the young women, Halima explained the importance of educating women and the rights to education women have in India. While Gopalan passionately told the crowd, “ Don’t just focus on working with women; we must also work with men to further their understanding of women’s rights.” It will take both genders of race to change the violence against women throughout the world! Fantastic work Naz Foundation!

    For more information on other site celebrations for Women’s Day put on by Naz Foundation please, click here.

  • For Whizz Kids United, South Africa it takes a community to make a difference!

    whizz2March 18th, 2013.  Whizz Kids United celebrated International Women’s Day by bringing 150 girls and boys together at their Health Academy in Edndale, South Africa. Whizz Kids had a girls-only football tournament that not only brought young women but also bringing many boys out to come and support the girls playing. The large numbers of the boys showing up to support the girls tournament showed the positive progress that has been made for girls in the area.

    Organized sport for Women throughout the area of Edndale is very rare, making this International Women’s Day very special for the young girls who were able to participate in the tournament. It was the first time for many of the girls to play in a mediated environment. The winning team of the tournament received a trophy and gold medals. All participants received bronze medals and were presented with red roses. It took a community to run the tournament at the Whizz Kids site, as donations were made for roses, food and even tickets for all participants to attend a Maritzburg United FC game!

    Coaches Across Continents has partnered with Whizz Kids United since 2011.

  • Buwate Youth Sports Academy SHINES ON!

    March 12th, 2013.  Coaches Across Continents have finished their Hat-Trick Initiative with Buwate Youth Sports Academy, but that doesn’t mean sport for social impact has stopped there. This past Women’s Day Buwate celebrated with addressing an issue that is most times hidden in communities.

    After many young girls, and young women in their community came forward describing horrible situations where they were succumbed to give sexual advances for employement, Buwate Youth Sports Academy didn’t want it to be a silent issue any longer. They invited women of all ages to their academy for netball and football games on Women’s Day playing Marta Games from CAC’s curriculum, and addressing the issue of unfair employment. They had women share stories of employment issues, and the harsh realities of being a women and having to deal with sexual advances from people in power.  They let the women speak up and speak out that they won’t be quiet when treated unfairly and they will stand up for their rights!

    Buwate Sports Academy ended their Women’s Day passing out clothes, shoes, books and soap donated by Universal Aid Society of Canada.


  • Play Soccer Ghana makes a lasting impact on Women’s Day 2013.

    March 11th, 2013.  Play Soccer Ghana celebrated Women’s Day with a female soccer tournament attracting women all throughout Cape Coast to the beautiful Football for Hope Center. The young women that came out to the event were able to be involved in the Play Soccer Ghana program that teaches about social issues through games, while competing in the soccer tournament.

    Play Soccer Ghana has a curriculum that is used throughout many countries in Africa touching subjects on health and many social issues. During Women’s Day on March 8th, Play Soccer Ghana focused mainly on educating the young females about their health. They not only taught about health through soccer on March 8th but health officials addressed the young women before the soccer tournament educating them about major issues that affect women throughout Ghana. Coaches Across Continents applaud our partners for the difference they made on Women’s Day throughout the world!Image


    March 8th, 2013:  Coaches Across Continents reports from our great partner in Indonesia about their very original idea to support International Women’s Day 2013.

    League of Change is the name of a national street tournament for disadvantaged communities in Indonesia. Our partners Rumah Cemara will be hosting the tournament that will include nine HIV/AIDS and drug dependency organizations consisting of people living with HIV/AIDS, people who use drugs, and people living with disadvantages. Not only does Rumah Cemara involve dependency organizations in their tournament but they also involve the local communities to help them better understand about HIV/AIDS, drug dependency and social issues. This tournament is also an opportunity for participants to be selected for the 2013 Homeless World Cup in Poland.

    This year’s League of Change will be the first time that five women’s teams will be involved in the tournament!!! Despite all the challenges women face in Indonesia, Rumah Cemara is making sure that women won’t face the challenge of not being able to play football. It will be a huge celebration and accomplishment for Women’s Day this year in Indonesia. Great work Rumah Cemara!

    Coaches Across Continents will be back on the court in Indonesia with Rumah Cemara in September 2013.