• Peace One DAY has finally arrived!

    1010923_482363941846357_574845248_nSeptember 21st, 2014:  People throughout the world today are celebrating Peace One Day. Last year Peace One Day organizers were able to spread the word and reach 280 million people on Sept. 21st. Today Coaches Across Continents partners are working to help Peace One Day on spreading that word. Through all of our partners in over 20 countries CAC is holding a Juggle Across Continents. Through this we hope to record hundreds of thousands of juggles from our partners and raise awareness about Peace One Day. There will be tournaments, celebrations, concerts, and events all over the world for this special day.

    Football Foundation of South Africa will be holding a Juggle Across Continents day along with a youth boxing tournament. Groups like Goals Haiti are juggling and changing some of CAC’s HIV games to teach about different types of violence in the community for Peace One Day. Our partners throughout the world are holding many different fun days for their youth while coming together as CAC partners and juggling. All it takes is 5 minutes to teach kids about Peace One Day, and help promote Peace throughout the world today.

    Stay tuned for pictures throughout the week of our partners Peace One Day events here, on our Facebook and Twitter accounts!


  • Join CAC and Our Partners on PEACE ONE DAY and JUGGLE!

    1016858_482364278512990_464095126_nJuly 31, 2013.  In 2013 Coaches Across Continents has been on a mission to get the whole world moving towards collective social development. Yes, we have been doing our usual service for developing communities around the world through our programs, but we have also been literally moving the whole world by getting the world juggling through our Juggle Across Continents Campaign!

    If you have been keeping up with the latest news from around the world with Coaches Across Continents you have been able to see how many people and teams that have been able to participate in the movement. It has truly been a Juggle Across Continents! We have set a goal of reaching 1,000,000 juggles with people from around the world. Between 20 different CAC partner organizations we have reached 139, 135 juggles and are well on our way to reaching our goal of 1,000,000 juggles!

    But as this juggle mission continues we need YOUR help! Help us reach our goal of uniting the world through juggling and join in the Juggle-A-Thon. September 21st will be the official Day of Peace and we want to get everyone involved in the movement towards social development! We want to see which group of children, coaches, volunteers and anyone else who is willing to compete to see who can be the ultimate champions of juggling!

    The way to join is by organizing a Juggle-A-Thon. This is how the juggle-a-thon works…each person involved (children, coaches, anyone attending your Peace One Day event) has three chances to juggle. After those three chances they then add together their three scores (15+9+10=34). Once everyone has gotten their own scores, then add all the scores together throughout the group! For example: Nick, Brian and Emily juggled. After each of them juggled three times Emily got 90 juggles, Nick got 80 juggles and Brian got 50 juggles. The score for CAC would be 220 juggles!

    Then you want to send your scores to Emily Lambert (). We will look at the scores and find out who the ultimate jugglers are!! Every juggle will help the movement towards social development and peace! Lets have fun making the world a better place!


  • Kickin it with Sadili in Kibera, Kenya

    DSC00733July 30th 2013. An 11 hour bus from Marsabit found us back in a slum of the Kenyan capitol. Kibera is one of the largest poverty stricken areas of Nairobi and we could not have been more warmly welcomed.  Sadili  (our host organization) was founded by Dr. Liz Odera over 20 years ago, and today serves as a school and sporting program giving local kids from Kibera the chance to play and learn.  Not only does Sadili provide a gym, tennis courts, basketball courts, grass field, and classrooms for their kids, but nearly everything from the courts to the walls were made of recycled material.  These walls, made of condensed milk cartons, provide a location for the kids to learn, to excel in sports, and to give back.  Liz sets a standard for the rest of the organization and expects all the kids to give back to their community. Given the emphasis on sustainability an giving back to the community, we don’t see how an organization could use its resources more efficiently.
    Mornings had us working with some of the local coaches and the Sadili boys team (the captain of said team broke 1,800 juggles but was forced to stop due to a jokingly jealous teammate chasing him around the field).  Because the field we trained at was situated next to the rest of the facilities, one of our coaches (Charlie) couldnt help but embarass himself on the basketball court during our break. However, he was able to redeem himself by beating a whole host of young rugby players with his superior frisbee skills. Charlie 1, ten-year-olds 0.
    In the afternoons we worked with Girl Power, an organization started by Liz to provide a safe space for girls to meet, talk, and learn. We showed the Girl Power educators and GOAL champions how to use the on-field part of the GOAL curriculum to emphasize what the girls were already doing in the classroom. On Thursday, coaches AJ, Charlie, and Meg went with the Girl Power group further into Kibera to run a practice at Olympic High School.  Following the wide roads that are in the process of being built, we climbed down the steep hillside and through the narrow trash-filled streets of Kibera to Olympic.  The girls were wonderful, fun, and for a moment the subject of the rest of the entire school’s interest (seemed like all the boys and other classes were watching us play games).  We had a great time teaching them HIV and GOAL games, discussing powerful female role models. We hope that Girl Power continues to use our games to teach girls throughout Kibera. Overall, we had a great week with Sadili Oval and are looking forward to continuing the partnership in the future.
    Check out the Sadili blog showing their view on working with CAC here.