• Portlandia, Here We Come

    August 12th, 2012: Kicking + Screening (K+S) Film Festival, the world’s premier international film event dedicated solely to football/soccer, is pleased announced today the films and schedule for the K+S Portland 2012, presented by KICKTV.

    K+S Portland 2012, the festival’s first event in the Pacific Northwest, takes place Thursday, September 13, and Friday, September 14. It will be two days of soccer films and events in the build-up to the highly anticipated rivalry match between the Portland Timbers and Seattle Sounders on Saturday, September 15.

    Fittingly, the festival plays on the theme of rivalries with a lineup of films about some of the world’s most intense clashes.

    “We’re thrilled to make our Portland debut this year, especially around such an intense experience as a Portland-Seattle match,” says K+S founder and director Greg Lalas. “The passion for the game in the Pacific Northwest is unparalleled in the United States and makes a festival there a no-brainer. We hope that with the support of the Portland Timbers, we can make it an annual event.”

    Argentina Futbol Club goes into the heart of the fiery battle between Boca Juniors and River Plate, while Gringos at the Gate, which made its world premiere at K+S New York 2012 in June, explores the passion of the USA-Mexico rivalry.

    All K+S events will take place at Urban Studios in the Pearl District.

    Full Lineup/Schedule


    Argentina Futbol Club (Argentina)
    7:30 pm ET, Spanish with subtitles
    Go into the heart of the original SuperClasico rivalry between Buenos Aires giants Boca Juniors and River Plate

    ·       Short: Loucos de Futebol (Brazil) — A funny and poignant take on the Fortaleza-Ceara rivalry

    Gringos at the Gate (USA)
    7:30 pm ET, English
    Why US vs. Mexico has become the most fiery and socially significant clash in international soccer

    ·       Short: A Most Improbable Life (USA) — How a Mexican found his soccer soul in America

    For tickets and more information, visit: http://www.kickingandscreening.com/

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    YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/KickingAndScreening

    About Kicking + Screening
    Founded in April 2009 by Greg Lalas and Rachel Markus, the Kicking + Screening Football/Soccer Film Festival is the world’s premier international film festival dedicated solely to the beautiful game. K+S’s mission is to engage, connect, and inspire fans through the celebration and presentation of football/soccer culture. Flagship K+S festivals take place annually in New York and London, while featured satellite festivals are held in various cities around the globe each year.

    2012 Social Initiative: Coaches Across Continents
    K+S’s chosen charitable partner for 2012 is the international soccer nonprofit Coaches Across Continents, which uses football to improve the health and well-being of disadvantaged children in developing countries.

  • Join us at the Kicking + Screening Film Festival in NYC

    Coaches Across Continents is the Social Initiative of the Year 2012 at the Kicking + Screening Soccer Film Festival.

    Coaches Across Continents wins the Kicking+Screening Social Initiative Award

    The Festival arrives in New York next week, running Wednesday, June 27, through Saturday, June 30, at Tribeca Cinemas. They’re getting very close to selling out, so make sure you GET YOUR TICKETS NOW! Full schedule below.
    Special Guests They will be joined this year by several leading lights in the soccer culture scene, including ESPN analyst Alexi Lalas, best-selling author Jimmy Burns, directors of most of the films, and more.
    Quiz Night on Friday Think you know the beautiful game? Come show your stuff during a trivia contest at the afterparty for Friday night’s screening of The Four-Year Plan. In association with Howler Magazine.
    K+S at New York Red Bulls – D.C. United match this Sunday K+S will be special guests at the  sold out New York Red Bulls match at Red Bull Arena. We will even be flipping the coin for the match. And as a bonus for K+S fans, there’s a special deal on New York Red Bulls tickets: 15% off for their matches in July. CLICK HERE to get tickets.

    Gringos at the Gate** WORLD PREMIERE ** | 7:30 pm ET, Cinema 1Why US vs. Mexico has become the most fiery and socially significant clash in international soccer More info and trailers | BUY TICKETS!_________________________________________Rivals: Celtic vs. Rangers and El Clásico: More than a Game7:30 pm ET, Cinema 2Double feature revealing the passion, the hatred, and the joy of two of the world’s biggest club rivalries. More info and trailers | BUY TICKETS!

    1:1 Thierry Henry ** WORLD PREMIERE ** | 7:30 pm ET, Cinemas 1 & 2 An intimate portrayal of French star Thierry Henry and his high-profile move to the New York Red Bulls
    Also showing: KEI (USA)More info and trailers | BUY TICKETS!

    The Four-Year Plan (UK) 7:30 pm ET, Cinemas 1Queens Park Rangers have new billionaire owners and a mandate to reach the Premier League. So what’s the plan?
    Also showing: Meister vs. Meister (Germany) and L’equip Petit (Spain)More info and trailers | BUY TICKETS!

    The Last Proletarians of Football (Sweden) 7:30 pm ET, Cinemas 1Sven-Göran Eriksson’s revolution led IFK Göteborg’s semi-pro squad to the 1982 UEFA Cup. But how long could it last?
    Also showing: 0:0 (Israel)More info and trailers | BUY TICKETS!

  • Kicking and Screening interviews Coaches Across Continents Founder Nick Gates

    Nick Gates with Tyson, a young streetkid in Kisumu, Kenya

    May 14th, 2012: Kicking and Screening interviews Coaches Across Continents Founder, Nick Gates before the Liverpool Film Festival:

    Nick Gates grew up with a professional footballing father, who instilled a love of the game in his son. After stints on England’s Under-18 and -19 teams, the younger Gates attended Harvard University where he played for the team and graduated in 1991.He embarked on a career that combined soccer and education, eventually founding Coaches Across Continents in 2007.

    The organization, chosen as Kicking + Screening’s 2012 Social Initiative, partners with already existing local groups around the world to develop sustainable education programs that teach through games on the field.

    K+S spoke with Gates about CAC, how a life in soccer led to a life in helping, and his personal connection to his favorite football flick.

    There are other non-profits that use soccer to teach children in places like Africa and South America. What about Coaches Across Continents makes it different?

    I think there are a couple of things. I’ve been running programs for 23 years in the States. We’ve always done “football as education.” It hasn’t been about creating football players; it’s been about developing life skills around football. I think that previous experience was very important as we’ve taken it into the non-for-profit world in Africa, Asia, and around the world. Our program is a little bit different in that we do 99 percent of the teaching on the field. We’ve identified four different areas: football for conflict resolution; football for female empowerment; football for health and wellness including HIV; and a financial literacy component. We’re covering full lifeskills as opposed to identifying one or two issues.

    Also, we work with local partners. We don’t run the programs by ourselves. Groups contact us from around the world, and then Coaches Across Continents establishes a partnership to create a locally owned and sustainable program that we can support.

    How did you come up with the idea to help already existing programs?

    Nick Gates at the first ever Coaches Across Continents program in Kigoma, Tanzania

    In 2001, I traveled for two years to about 75 countries to look to see what we could do with the sport. I wanted to see what was going on on the ground. I found some fantastic local organizations that had great volunteers and had an area where they could work. What they didn’t have was the skills of teaching the children. We came up with the Hat Trick Initiative, which is a three-year program. We go in multiple times over a period of three years and build the program with the local groups. With our information and expertise, they can hopefully run a lot better. They can develop games to teach the children about their social problems. That’s where the sustainability comes in; we’re just adding another piece to help them be more successful.

    You’ve been playing soccer and around the game for your entire life. When you were younger, did you see yourself using the sport to give back?

    I still believe I’m going to be a professional footballer. I’m only 45 [laughs]. My dad was a professional player, so football was always in my blood. I played for the England under-18 and under-19 teams, so I thought even then I would play, but coming to America to go to university was a good opportunity. I traveled a lot after, and going to Africa the first time was an incredible way to see what the world was all about. I decided to find a way to find an idea that would combine my two passions, travel and football.

    It’s like you created CAC backwards. Instead of seeing a problem and figuring out how to solve it, you took some things you wanted to do (soccer, travel, start a non profit), and went looking for an issue to fix. Is that a fair assessment?

    Nick Gates, launching kicking4CHANGE with Standard Chartered Bank in Ghana.

    Yeah, I think so. I spent a lot of time in the world trying to come up with an idea that was going to be more than just “the do-gooder.” We wanted to do more than spend a couple weeks doing something good that wasn’t sustainable. It took time to see what was out there and then to find a niche where people weren’t doing something, which was helping the local communities. We also came up with the concept that we weren’t going to force anyone to do what we told them. It is all based on choice. We’re working towards behavior change, but behavior change based on choices.

    What does CAC hope to achieve in 2012 and beyond?

    We just signed a deal with Standard Chartered Bank Liverpool, so that’s going to be a good partnership with us in Ghana. We’ve doubled the numbers this year. We’re going to be in about 45 communities in 15 or 16 countries. The demand is always going to far outweigh the supply. We don’t approach anybody. They approach us. That’s the first step toward the local sustainability: They have to prove their own skills.

    Final question: What’s your favorite soccer movie?

    Escape to Victory. Without a doubt. I was actually training at Ipswich Football Club when the Ipswich players were filming the movie. I can’t count the number of times I’ve used the Pele line, “Just give me the ball. I go like this, like this, like this, goal.”

    Kicking and Screening Film Festival starts in Liverpool on May 17th-19th and at other sites including London, New York and Seattle later in the year.  For more information go to:  www.kickingandscreening.com