• Disco Pants Hit Nagpur

    November 21, 2013.  While Sophie, Nora and Homkant headed off on what I am sure was a very comfortable 28-hour train ride to Coimbatore for our program with Project Green Hands, Nick, Graham and Sarah remained in Nagpur to conduct a second week of training.

    1This time it was for local physical education teachers who wanted to learn about sport for social impact.  They had never had any experience of this concept so along came CAC.  The program was held at Tirpude Physical Education College in association with Slum Soccer and Nagpur Municipal Corporation.  Unfortunately, due to the Diwali Holiday (where they paint bison, cows, goats and even dogs in bright colors, bang loud drums and set off more fireworks than the UK could manage in 10 Guy Fawkes nights) the attendance by the teachers on the first couple of days was a little lower.  Not that it had any dampening affect on our enthusiasm.  As well as fun games such as Football Golf, Soccer Tennis and Walley Ball (a.k.a. Rooney for Conflict Resolution), Sarah discovered that she might have a future in the Indian Kabaddi team!  Word of how much fun we are must have got out as by the end of the week we were up to 33 attendees.
    0The main thing that CAC learnt this week is that mutton actually means goat (or any other unidentifiable meat) and that being bitten by a rat doesn’t actually turn you into Ratboy (very disappointing).  By far the most important thing that the participants learnt was how to sing and dance to the Sunderland song ‘Niall Quinn’s Disco Pants’.  A remarkable achievement by anyone’s standards!
    On a more serious note, we coached games covering topics such as alcohol addiction, gender equity, health and wellness, conflict resolution and the environment as well as games that concentrated on teaching football skills.  This was all new to the local teachers and it was great to see their eagerness to learn. Hopefully CAC can return next year and coach them in greater numbers.  One of the teachers who attended for the second half of the week approached us and said thank you as he had learnt so much and thoroughly enjoyed himself in the process.  The local support for the program is certainly there.  We were joined by some of the Slum Soccer coaches and it was remarkable how they maintained their enthusiasm for a second week and great for us to be working with them again. A big thanks to them once again.
    2One evening Nick, Graham and Sarah went to coach the children of coal miners at Western Coal Fields.  Once again, it’s humbling to see the benefit that spending one hour of our time can bring to young people.  That community is planning to start their own program.  On Friday Arnold, Stephen and Jenn from One World Futbol came to see some of their balls in action.  We hope they enjoyed it and thank them very much for making the time and effort to visit the program.
    Finally, a very big thanks to Nagpur Municipal Corporation and Tirpude Physical Education College for their support and the use of their facilities.  We hope to be working with you all again next year.