• Worldwide Women’s Day Celebrations

    1495116_638780162837889_1730077393_oMarch 19, 2014. Have we told you how fantastic, passionate, and committed our partners are to making a difference? Well if we haven’t told you lately, let us tell you now! Women’s Day was March 8th, and our remarkable partners took it on full force.  Working in over 20 countries at the moment, we had pictures and stories coming in from South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Cambodia, Indonesia, India, and Haiti – and that is just the beginning.

    Our partners are not only top notch in the sport for social impact world, but they also host unique events when it comes to special dates like International Women’s Day. We have a partner in Dodoma, Tanzania who hosted an event with over 180 young girls participating, and played female empowerment games including Jackie’s Circle and Tegla identity from the CAC curriculum. Our partners in Uganda hosted events attended by numerous women’s charities where they touched on subjects ranging from gender equality to environmental conservation while celebrating women of all ages, and the importance of having female role models.IMG-20140308-00259

    One of our South African partners, WhizzKids United, celebrated Women’s Day focusing on specific issues for women in their community and having Gugu Mofokeng inspire the young women to stand up against violence. GOALS Haiti celebrated the day by hosting their second girls clinic educating young women about health, and making it a safe and comfortable place to communicate and ask questions.

    Our partner NAZ Goal from India took a different approach on Women’s Day inviting parents of youth from their foundation to come to their celebration, and have young girls teach female empowerment games. The girls taught their parents one of CAC’s favorite games, “Seles Attack”, and helped spread awareness on safe spaces in the community.

    IndoChina Starfish in Cambodia celebrated Women’s Day by highlighting their two incredible female coaches, and telling their inspirational stories. Working first hand with these coaches, and reading their personal stories that got them to where they are now is astonishing.

    Coaches Across Continents wants to thank our partners for the incredible difference they make every day in the lives of the people in their communities. Women’s Day was a huge success thanks to the passionate, hard-working local organizations we are lucky to work with around the world.


  • Corporate Social Responsibility Partnership, Tanzania

    photo-1February 26, 2014. It was Monday 17th of Feb 2014. I arrived at Benjamin Mkapa Secondary School and all the teachers asked me where is Brian Mingle Mingle? It is simple question to me, I answered that I am Impact coach from Tanzania country and CAC decided to choose me to represent in running this program and they believe one another teachers from your group will also be Impact coach.

    After few minutes of introduction why Tanzania got the opportunity to run this program for refresh day from the Group of Champions from Standard Chartered Bank Tanzania (SCB), Juanita Mramba represented SCB to open the refresh days in Dar [es Salaam]. She addressed more than 50 teachers, 10 champions from SCB and 7 coaches from Tanzania Football Federation who coach children in different clubs in Dar. They said SCB had their goal to reach 15,000 children at the end of this year. So the teachers are responsible to implement this knowledge back to their school.


    I started our program by giving the chance to the teachers to review the games they learned last year. They remembered the games although they forget what we learned through those games. I am the one who tried to explain each game and how to connect what we learn to our daily life and address that CAC are using their curriculum to change the life of children through soccer. And I also explained that we are using females as the role models in order to empower females in our country. After two days in Dar, on the last day, CEO (Liz  Lloyd) from SCB came to see what is going on and participated in playing Mingle Mingle (see photo). At the closed celebration few champions, teachers and me, we got gifts for hard work during the training.

    I then went to Arusha to meet with 36 teachers. It was fantastic session because when I arrived in Arusha School, I saw the teachers had revised all the games themselves and explained what we learned in each game. Arusha is the best for the teachers to run this program. They are ready to run this program.

    When I was leaving Arusha at airport it happened one problem with Airport Official who wanted to know why our balls travel with air. So it took time to explain the types of balls [One World Futbols] but then they agree to carry my bag in the flight.

    Last I finished with 46 teachers in Mwanza, which also is very fun to me to run this program alone as Impact coach. I thank CAC and SCB to trust me as a Tanzania citizen to run this program on behalf of Coaches Across Continents.


    Community Impact Coach, Nico Pota, who was part of our very first program in Kigoma, Tanzania in 2008, has been instrumental in every program we have run in the country during the last 6 years. Over the course of this week Nico ran refresher courses in three locations on behalf of SCB Tanzania and CAC. Sustainability in action. CSR in action. A beautiful partnership and an incredible role model and member of the CAC family. Thank you Nico!

  • Chamwino District and CAC team up one more time.

    October 25, 2013. In celebration of one of CACs volunteer’s birthday on October 14th, team leader, Sophie Legros, Community impact coach Nico Achimpota, Danielle Foxhoven and birthday girl Becca Meierbachtol, started their program in Chamwino, Tanzania. They were greeted, surprisingly on “European time” (which means the coaches arrived on time to the field) by over 40 coaches, teachers and community leaders who were eager to start the program.
    The program started Monday morning and ended Thursday afternoon. Despite there being national and religious holidays on two of those days, the attendance stayed strong and even increased throughout the week. Our coaches trained four hours each morning going through 8-10 games a day!
    In the evenings they coached a U12 girls group from the Chamwino community. Eight of the girls in the group had recently returned from the national tournament, Copa Coca Cola. It was a thrill for our coaches to pass on the best of their coaching skills to give the girls encouragement to be the best soccer players and people they could be.
    The end of the week came with great anticipation for our CAC coaches and the coaches in the program. After 16 hours of training in four days in the heat they were exhausted from all of the hard work, but they were more eager to return to their schools and teams to implement the new games and social messaages they learned. The same as the week in Njombe, the program finished with a 30 minute match between coaches in the program. It ended in a nail biting penalty shootout with team Simba taking the cup! A dance party, of course, ensued after the game was won!
    Another successful week for CAC and Tanzanian partners! We look forward to another year with our Tanzanian groups!
  • Meet Coaches Across Continents in Ghana

    April 1, 2013.  For the next three weeks Coaches Across Continents will be working with Standard Chartered Bank in three different communities in Ghana.  In total there will be four coaches working all three programs.  CAC Staff members Emily Lambert and Brian Suskiewicz will be joined by our first-ever Community Impact Coach Nico Achimpota as well as a coach from the USA, Earl Strassberger.

    23744_396766827072736_286111406_nNico Achimpota has been instrumental for Coaches Across Continents in Tanzania.  His program in Kigoma, Tanzania was our first-ever partnership in 2008.  He has since brought CAC to other communities throughout his native country.  This year, Nico was selected to become a pioneer in another way for CAC, being the first coach to be selected for our new initiative, our Community Impact Coach program.

    EarlEarl Strassberger comes to CAC from just outside Chicago, Illinois.  He has coached and refereed at the High School and AYSO levels for the past two decades.  Prior to starting a family, Earl was also in the Peace Corps and traveled around Africa in the 1970s.  His home location during that time was Liberia, our most recent Community partner!

    Five Questions with Earl:

    1. Favorite TeamI wish my favorite team was the US Men’s National Team but they are not there yet.  As soccer becomes more and more popular in the US, our team will become a world power.  My favorite team was the US Women’s National Team in the Mia Hamm days.  Barcelona is a close second.
    2. Favorite PlayerFavorite player is a tough one, there are so many.  Of course Hamm, but I really like big, tough Abby Wambach.  The way she could head the ball into the net was fanastic.  I’ve always liked Cristano Ronaldo.  Good looking, fast, and skilled.  Then there is the current best player in the world, Messi.
    3. Favorite CoachMy favorite coach is Lovie Smith who was the coach of the Chicago Bears for a number of years.  He never got upset or mad at players.  He treated them with respect.  He did not overly complain to refs.  Sorry, I don’t follow soccer coaches very much.  It is the players’ game.
    4. Favorite Movie –  I did not think I could like a movie about someone with emotional issues but Silver Linings Playbook was outstanding.  After that is Casa Blanca.
    5. Who will win the World Cup 2014? I’ll go with the Netherlands.
    Why are you looking forward to working with CAC?Even though I have not yet been to any country with CAC I am truly enjoying meeting people and seeing what CAC is doing.  I purchased a OneWorldFutbol for myself and three as door prizes for our annual referee and coach luncheon for AYSO Region 568 (Skokie).  I’m learning so much even before I leave!