• Opening The Door Into Europe

    September 14th 2015. We recently started our first ever Hat-Trick Initiative partnership in Europe with The Door in Albania.

    Coaches Across Continents is an organization with a long and deep connection to Europe. The founder, Nick Gates, is from the UK. We are a registered non-profit in the UK as well as the US. Over the course of eight years we have had staff and volunteers from across Europe and our current staff are citizens of places such as Belgium, Germany and the UK. We have developed many partnerships with other European organizations such as Peace One Day and streetfootballworld and regularly speak at and attend European conferences like Beyond Sport in London, Peace and Sport in Monaco and Trust Women in London.

    Despite this, we have never partnered with another European organization to implement our three year Hat-Trick Initiative. Until this year. We were delighted to accept The Door, from Albania, following their application as part of our Peace Day competition earlier this year.

    The Door is an organization based in picturesque Shkoder in Northern Albania. They have an extensive soccer academy including a girls team (one of the few in Albania). They also run a social integration program with local children and facilitate sessions every year to coincide with Peace Day on September 21st. In this part of Europe there are many tightly packed countries. Decades of conflict has forced great crossover between the many nationalities, religions and social groups which co-exist in the region. Organizations such as The Door, which promote integration and inclusion are integral to the ongoing peace in Shkoder, Albania, and the surrounding countries.

    We began our first On-Field week with The Door in unusual circumstances. We met the participants for the week at The Door’s eco-social farm which, despite still being in development, was home to many farm animals and a playground where children who are in need of a safe space visit. It was clear from the first day that our participants would not disappoint. They were all keen to learn more about how children can be taught through sport. This led to an impactful week during which these local coaches demonstrated not only their coaching ability but also their willingness to protect the rights of children and to improve their community. We observed passionate opinions on the problems in their community and the importance of sport, music and art in addressing these issues.

    The Door will be running a Play for Peace tournament in Shkoder to celebrate Peace Day this year. We made sure to teach a number of CAC’s Peace Day games which can be used to educate children taking part in the tournament about the issues of stereotyping, violence and discrimination. At the end of the week the participants showed great ability and passion as they coached some of the games we had shown them. It was our pleasure to initiate this partnership between CAC, Peace One Day and The Door. Having opened the door to Europe through Shkoder, Albania who knows where we could end up!


  • Peace One DAY has finally arrived!

    1010923_482363941846357_574845248_nSeptember 21st, 2014:  People throughout the world today are celebrating Peace One Day. Last year Peace One Day organizers were able to spread the word and reach 280 million people on Sept. 21st. Today Coaches Across Continents partners are working to help Peace One Day on spreading that word. Through all of our partners in over 20 countries CAC is holding a Juggle Across Continents. Through this we hope to record hundreds of thousands of juggles from our partners and raise awareness about Peace One Day. There will be tournaments, celebrations, concerts, and events all over the world for this special day.

    Football Foundation of South Africa will be holding a Juggle Across Continents day along with a youth boxing tournament. Groups like Goals Haiti are juggling and changing some of CAC’s HIV games to teach about different types of violence in the community for Peace One Day. Our partners throughout the world are holding many different fun days for their youth while coming together as CAC partners and juggling. All it takes is 5 minutes to teach kids about Peace One Day, and help promote Peace throughout the world today.

    Stay tuned for pictures throughout the week of our partners Peace One Day events here, on our Facebook and Twitter accounts!


  • Coaches Across Continents Releases New Video

    February 27, 2013.  Coaches Across Continents is happy to release our latest video, our 2013 Social Impact Documentary.


    Filmed in Marsabit, Kenya with our partner group Horn of Africa Development Initiative (HODI), this community is showing how sport can change a community that faces female genital mutilation, girls being sold into marriage, and gun violence.

    It’s fascinating to see the impact of the Coaches Across Continents work from the voices of the local coaches, teachers, and young people.  We get a chance to see first-hand the impact that sport is having on programs like HODI all over the world.

    Nick Gates, Founder, Coaches Across Continents

    Click here to see all the CAC videos on our YouTube channel.

  • Coaches Across Continents to be Honored by Prince Albert of Monaco

    After an incredible year highlighted by our innovative partnership working with former Child Soldiers in Uganda, Coaches Across Continents has been selected as one of finalists for the “NGO for Peace of The Year” at the 2011 Peace and Sport Awards to be held Oct. 27 in Monaco!

    awards09_trophySponsored by L’Organisation pour la Paix par le Sport (known as “Peace and Sport”), the Awards

    “reward initiatives and people who have outstandingly contributed to peace and social stability in the world through sport. The winners have implemented projects that are symbolic of what sport can accomplish to create links between divided or opposed communities.”

    The criteria for selection are:

    • The capacity to be innovative in implementing sport for peace
    • Involvement of local stakeholders
    • Emphasis placed on sustainability and transfer of skills
    • Adaptation to the local environment
    • Innovative thinking about what sport represents in the local context
    • Quality of monitoring and evaluation processes in the long term
    • Cooperation with national governmental and/or non-governmental institutions
    • Quantitative and qualitative data reflecting the opinions and aspirations of concerned individuals
    • Contribution made to the public debate on the crucial matter of sport for peace
    • Flexibility and creativity
    Coaches Across Continents was notified last week of the honor.

    Dear Mr. Gates,

    … We are honored to officially announce that you have been selected as one of our three nominees for the ‘Non-Governmental Organization for Peace of the Year’ prize.

    … the winner will be announced during the Peace and Sport Awards Ceremony that will take place on Thursday, 27 October in the ‘Chapiteau de Fontvielle’ under the High Presidency of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco.

    To learn more about Peace and Sport and the awards go to  the Peace and Sport website.  Be sure to click on “Non Government Organization for Peace of the Year to see Coaches Across Continents Featured among the nominees!

  • Goal 1: XARA soccer supports our new Hat-Trick Initiative in Ghana.

    March 11th, 2011.  Coaches across Continents has announced a new Hat-Trick partner in Ghana. 

    The Coaches across Continents partner program in Ghana is a youth oriented not-for-profit; non-government organization run by young people committed through empowerment of the youth of Africa with its office located in Accra the capital of Ghana. Started in 2005 but legally registered in 2008 in Ghana, Youth Icons is highly concerned about the continued deterioration of the status of the youth of Africa who face growing levels of unemployment, poverty, armed conflict, disease, functional illiteracy and substance abuse among other socio-economic challenges, despite global advances made in technology, medical research, entrepreneurship development, leisure and recreational facilities.  Our work is geared towards empowering the youth to identify and develop their dreams and own the future. This we seek to achieve by enhancing the lives of youth by expanding learning opportunities available to them, pointing the way to a future full of hope and working together to create that future.

    Nana Yaw Osei-Darkwa, the leader at Youth Icons, Ghana first heard about Coaches across Continents at the Peace and Sport program in Monaco in 2009 and presented a thoughtful partner request form.  Nana and Nick Gates from Coaches across Continents met in December 2010 and the joint partnership will begin ‘on the field’ in October 2011.

    XARA soccer from California have chosen to support this program as part of the Coaches across Continents “Give us a Game” program and all XARA staff will be working with CaC for 90 minutes on March 11th to promote this partnership.

    For more information on the XARA “Give us a Game” program, go to: http://www.firstgiving.com/xara-soccer-give-us-a-game-project