• PEACE DAY 2018

    International Peace Day has proved itself one of the most impactful days of the year. Since it’s foundation, Peace One Day helps lead the world in honoring and celebrating September 21st as a day of Global Cease-Fire and Peace. As a long time partner of POD, Coaches Across Continents contributes to this celebration with strategy consultations, social media exposure, and free activity & game resource packets to our global network. This global impact reaches over 100 countries!

    With the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to rally behind, Peace One Day highlights Goal #17: Partnerships for the Goals. In the spirit of #17, those in the CAC network have helped us translate our free Game Packet into 9 different languages! This opens doors for more and more organizations and people to celebrate the day. 

    Today and over the next week, Coaches Across Continents’ partners will celebrate Peace Day with a wide range of activities. One example is in Mindinao, Philippines, where our partner, Gawad Kalinga, hosts games and activities for the children on both sides of the ongoing conflict between soldiers and rebels. Another is a South Sudanese refugee camp that will hold a tournament. There will be dancing in the DRC, Parades in Liberia, Festivals in Indonesia and CAC games being played in 100+ countries around the globe. 

    Coaches Across Continents is the global leader in Creating Legacies.  Our efforts on projects and programming such as this one have been recognized with 25 major global awards, including this year’s Beyond Sport Global Impact of the Year Award.

    To get your own CAC Game packet, just follow the link with your language! And for any questions, pictures, videos or stories, please contact so that we can help promote your inspirational work!

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  • Partnership with Peace One Day A Huge Success

    October 17, 2014.  Earlier this year Coaches Across Continents announced the largest partnership in sport for social impact.  Together with Peace One Day, we teamed up to supply organizations with a free soccer resource packet that uses CAC games to educate about peace and encourage the development of skill sets that lead to peace building.  On 21 September, these efforts came to the fruition when millions around the world celebrated and recognized Peace Day.

    Together with Peace One Day, Coaches Across Continents is using their One Day One Goal platform to use football as a peace building educational exercise.  Along with their other efforts, the goal for 2014 is to have Peace Day recognized by one billion people globally.  This first year of our partnership was a great start to spreading that awareness.  Overall nearly four hundred sport for social development organizations took advantage of this free resource to educate their communities on peace building practices.  These included organizations on all six continents, and they were distributed and available in six different languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Swahili).

    The focus of this year’s celebrations was on the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Great Lakes region of Africa (focusing on Burundi, Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania).  So far in those five countries we have confirmation of the resource packet being used by 50 organizations to promote peace, with more coming forward every day.  Each of these organizations also held an event for 21 September, the International Day of Peace.  These include CAC implementing community partners as well as organizations who have heard about the power of sport through other avenues like StreetFootballWorld, One World Futbol, FIFA Football for Hope, and Peace One Day.

    Stories, pictures, and videos from around the world continue to arrive speaking of the incredible power that football has as a unifying factor.  Check out some of them on our Facebook page.  If you or your organization want to tell your story from Peace Day, please contact us at: or

    Celebrating Peace in Goma, Congo

    Celebrating Peace in Goma, Congo

    Celebrating Peace in Diadema, Brazil

    Celebrating Peace in Diadema, Brazil

    Celebrating Peace in Kenya

    Celebrating Peace in Kenya



  • Get Involved with Peace One Day

    April 7, 2014.  Coaches Across Continents is proud to announce our continued support of the One Day One Goal initiative for Peace One Day.  This extremely important global day is held every September, 21st.  In addition to the support from our 75+ communities in 30 countries, Coaches Across Continents will be providing support materials for organizations in potentially over 130 countries this year.  Any organization wishing to use sport to promote peace is welcome to contact either Coaches Across Continents or Peace One Day to get involved in this year’s celebrations.

    For 2014, Coaches Across Continents (CAC) is launching a Peace Day football resource, aimed at integrating real-life conflict resolution skills into regular football training.  Coaches Across Continents, the global leaders in sport for social impact, are launching a series of games that use football to explore, demonstrate and develop some of the skills necessary for conflict resolution and social harmony.

    1488299_572454836170600_1269125953_nThe resource, in support of Peace One Day’s One Day One Goal football initiative, will comprise five games, the first of which will be available to mark the 6 April 2014, the first UN Day of Sport for Development and Peace, with the rest following in mid-June.

    From teamwork to understanding types of violence, this resource will encourage organizations and individuals, to integrate conflict resolution skills into their regular football training in the run up to Peace Day 21 September and beyond.  Our unique monitoring and evaluation has discovered that 99% of participants best know how to teach children how to resolve conflict through soccer after playing our games, up from 19% at the start of each training.

    To access this resource, free of charge, contact us, share your 2014  One Day One Goal match and tournament plans and start using football to help create a more peaceful society.

    Emily Lambert; Coaches Across Continents; .

    Emma Kennedy; Peace One Day; .


  • Peace One DAY has finally arrived!

    1010923_482363941846357_574845248_nSeptember 21st, 2014:  People throughout the world today are celebrating Peace One Day. Last year Peace One Day organizers were able to spread the word and reach 280 million people on Sept. 21st. Today Coaches Across Continents partners are working to help Peace One Day on spreading that word. Through all of our partners in over 20 countries CAC is holding a Juggle Across Continents. Through this we hope to record hundreds of thousands of juggles from our partners and raise awareness about Peace One Day. There will be tournaments, celebrations, concerts, and events all over the world for this special day.

    Football Foundation of South Africa will be holding a Juggle Across Continents day along with a youth boxing tournament. Groups like Goals Haiti are juggling and changing some of CAC’s HIV games to teach about different types of violence in the community for Peace One Day. Our partners throughout the world are holding many different fun days for their youth while coming together as CAC partners and juggling. All it takes is 5 minutes to teach kids about Peace One Day, and help promote Peace throughout the world today.

    Stay tuned for pictures throughout the week of our partners Peace One Day events here, on our Facebook and Twitter accounts!