• Double Finalist at the Beyond Sport Awards

    October 27, 2014.  Coaches Across Continents is a double-finalist at the prestigious Beyond Sport Awards in the category of Corporate of the Year for our partnerships with Chevrolet and Standard Chartered Bank.  The 2014 awards will be presented this year in Johannesburg, South Africa from October 28-30th.  Out of 350 entrees received from 70 countries, Coaches Across Continents is the only organization that has been short-listed as a multiple finalist.  In addition, Nick will also be speaking and presenting during the three-day conference as he did earlier this year at Beyond Soccer 2014.

    In 2014 CAC was excited to begin our partnership with Chevrolet on their “What Do You #PlayFor?” Campaign which launched in Indonesia, and continued at communities in the USA and South Africa.  Chevrolet was instrumental in building a soccer facility for each community, as well as utilizing Coaches Across Continents to educate local coaches and leaders in a sport for social impact curriculum to facilitate long-term social development.  CAC is also included with Standard Chartered Bank and their ongoing GOAL Programme, where we developed an on-field component to their female empowerment initiative and financial literacy.

    Coaches Across Continents has a strong and positive history with Beyond Sport as winners in Best New Project (2009) for our Hat-Trick Initiative.  In 2014 our Hat-Trick Initiative is in place with 75 communities in 27 different countries.  Several of our current and past partner programs have also been short-listed for their efforts in various categories at the 2014 Beyond Sport Awards and we want to congratulate them and wish them the best of luck this weekend.

    Coaches Across Continents, Chevrolet FC, and Manchester United enjoyed the first weekend of play at the new Rumah Cemara Field

    Coaches Across Continents, Chevrolet FC, and Manchester United enjoyed the first weekend of play at the new Rumah Cemara Field

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Partnership, Tanzania

    photo-1February 26, 2014. It was Monday 17th of Feb 2014. I arrived at Benjamin Mkapa Secondary School and all the teachers asked me where is Brian Mingle Mingle? It is simple question to me, I answered that I am Impact coach from Tanzania country and CAC decided to choose me to represent in running this program and they believe one another teachers from your group will also be Impact coach.

    After few minutes of introduction why Tanzania got the opportunity to run this program for refresh day from the Group of Champions from Standard Chartered Bank Tanzania (SCB), Juanita Mramba represented SCB to open the refresh days in Dar [es Salaam]. She addressed more than 50 teachers, 10 champions from SCB and 7 coaches from Tanzania Football Federation who coach children in different clubs in Dar. They said SCB had their goal to reach 15,000 children at the end of this year. So the teachers are responsible to implement this knowledge back to their school.


    I started our program by giving the chance to the teachers to review the games they learned last year. They remembered the games although they forget what we learned through those games. I am the one who tried to explain each game and how to connect what we learn to our daily life and address that CAC are using their curriculum to change the life of children through soccer. And I also explained that we are using females as the role models in order to empower females in our country. After two days in Dar, on the last day, CEO (Liz  Lloyd) from SCB came to see what is going on and participated in playing Mingle Mingle (see photo). At the closed celebration few champions, teachers and me, we got gifts for hard work during the training.

    I then went to Arusha to meet with 36 teachers. It was fantastic session because when I arrived in Arusha School, I saw the teachers had revised all the games themselves and explained what we learned in each game. Arusha is the best for the teachers to run this program. They are ready to run this program.

    When I was leaving Arusha at airport it happened one problem with Airport Official who wanted to know why our balls travel with air. So it took time to explain the types of balls [One World Futbols] but then they agree to carry my bag in the flight.

    Last I finished with 46 teachers in Mwanza, which also is very fun to me to run this program alone as Impact coach. I thank CAC and SCB to trust me as a Tanzania citizen to run this program on behalf of Coaches Across Continents.


    Community Impact Coach, Nico Pota, who was part of our very first program in Kigoma, Tanzania in 2008, has been instrumental in every program we have run in the country during the last 6 years. Over the course of this week Nico ran refresher courses in three locations on behalf of SCB Tanzania and CAC. Sustainability in action. CSR in action. A beautiful partnership and an incredible role model and member of the CAC family. Thank you Nico!

  • Futsal for Social Impact

    IMG_4168September 25, 2013. Coaches Brian Suskiewicz and Nora Dooley finished the GOAL program last week in Jakarta, Indonesia. After the first three days of training approximately 150 Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) employees in games from our GOAL curriculum, the CAC team set their sights on working with 400 junior high and high school students. SCB staff volunteered their time to coach the youth in CAC games over the course of three days. Not one of the employees had coached before meeting us on the pitch.  Yet when it was their turn to coach they impressed the CAC staff immensely, nailing their coaching points and imparting valuable social impact messages.

    The first day of implementation saw about 25 SCB volunteers coaching just shy of 100 junior high school learners. On two futsal pitches this was a very manageable number, and the first group of volunteer coaches were terrific. Brian and Nora found themselves doing much more managing and logistics and very little coaching! The second day was a bit more hectic as nearly 200 high school boys and girls streamed onto two small fields. The 35 SCB employees who coached the second day deserve an award for the way they handled this mass of adolescents. The third and final day of implementation was also Peace One Day, September 21st, and 98 more junior high school students joined 59 bank staff on just ONE futsal pitch. The CAC team had it under control, however, and a would-be chaotic day went very smoothly. In honor of Peace One Day Brian and Nora held a juggling competition, crowning one girl and one boy as champions.

    Reflecting on the overall program with CAC partner, SCB, training volunteer employees in about 13 games from the CAC and GOAL curriculum and welcoming nearly 400 students to Grand Futsal locations in Jakarta, the CAC team could not be more satisfied with the week. Three great groups of bank staff showed up physically and mentally for both their Train the Trainer day and their volunteer implementation day.IMG_6936 The CAC team is optimistic about the future with SCB and hopes these newly trained coaches will continue to pay it forward with youth from their community.  Already SCB has reached out to four local NGOs who are adopting our curriculum including the Helen Keller Foundation and Mitra Netra (visually impaired foundations), Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa (for underprivledged children), and the HIV Foundation.  SCB Indonesia is also looking into continuing more implementation at schools around Jakarta and throughout Indonesia.  Stay tuned for more from our GOAL program in partnership with Standard Chartered Bank. Until next year, Jakarta!

  • SCB + CAC = GOAL!

    IMG_6654September 19, 2013.  Over the past three days Brian Suskiewicz and Nora Dooley have been working with Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) in Jakarta, Indonesia. This marks the second year running the GOAL program in Jakarta, a CAC program championed by SCB to encourage youth to Be Healthy, Be Yourself, Be Empowered, and Be Money Savvy. CAC’s work with GOAL in Indonesia is part of a greater initiative with our valuable partners, SCB, in countries including Tanzania, Ghana, and India. The full program in Jakarta is six days, the first three marking the Train the Trainer portion with a total of 150 SCB employees, and the final three being the implementation with the employees and 400 youth from local schools in the city.

    IMG_2903The first half of this training has been amazing. Not one of the SCB volunteers has had coaching experience before this week, but they are learning 13 CAC games in a single day and having a blast with their colleagues and the CAC team.  This program has been different from other CAC trainings, as the coaches have only had one day to train each group of volunteers before they are expected to implement many GOAL games to large groups of adolescents. Yet every morning Brian and Nora were greeted with big smiles by a new batch of SCB employees, and every afternoon they left with bigger smiles, ready and eager to return over the next few days.


    Two blind coaches play Postma Against HIV

    We also enjoyed having five people who came to training who are visually impaired.  Two of them worked for SCB while the other three were from the Blind Foundation.  They participated in the games and had a fantastic time.  The only difference in the training was the use of a ball with noisemakers inside so that they could hear the ball as it moved.  They are hoping to be able to bring the games back to their groups in order to use them in the future.

    The only downside of this program is that the CAC team would love to have more time to work with all these great people. Working with them for only one day before hordes of teenagers swarm the pitches of the Grand Futsal facility is simply too little. With the help of SCB staff, however, the CAC coaches are truly making each day count. Brian and Nora cannot wait to be part of the first coaching experiences for this energetic bunch of bank employees. 400 teenagers, here we go!


  • GOAL Rocks the Rock City

    July 26, 2013.  The GOAL Tanzania program finished its three-city training tour here in Mwanza, Tanzania.  Mwanza is also known as the Rock City for the boulders that surround the landscape and also punctuate the surface of adjacent Lake Victoria.  In this smaller up-country city, 43 teachers and Standard Chartered employees turned out at Kirumba Stadium to undergo three intensive days of GOAL training.  The teachers represented 33 schools which house over 28,000 students.  The teachers are now prepared to pass along the lessons learned in the GOAL curriculum to their students.

    IMG_4921The GOAL curriculum, championed by Standard Chartered, brings important life lessons onto the soccer field.  Boys and girls will learn lessons in order to Be Healthy, Be Empowered, Be Yourself, and Be Money Savvy all while having fun playing games on the pitch.  During the training the teachers had great fun as well, enjoying playing the games under the bright Tanzanian sun on a great grass field.  In fact, the first day of training was delayed slightly while we waited for the Tanzanian Men’s National Soccer Team to conclude their training in preparation for an upcoming match against Uganda.

    IMG_4989The GOAL program has been sponsored it its first year in Tanzania by Standard Chartered Bank, joining other on field GOAL CAC countries of Ghana, India and Indonesia.  Overall the GOAL Tanzania training educated over 150 teachers, coaches, and Standard Chartered employees who represent 63 different primary and secondary schools.  It is expected that the impact of students taught the GOAL curriculum in the next few months will be in the tens of thousands.  The effects of the GOAL training has also extended to the teachers who have rediscovered their love of sport and the positive energy derived from being healthy.  We can’t wait for them to get started in their schools and pass it on to their students.


  • Setting the Standard in Tanzania

    Dr. Fenera Mkangara and Liz Lloyd officially launch the GOAL program in Tanzania

    Dr. Fenera Mkangara and Standard Chartered CEO Liz Lloyd officially launch the GOAL program in Tanzania

    July 19, 2013.  Yesterday marked the official launch of the GOAL program in Tanzania.  Sponsored by Standard Chartered Bank, the launch of GOAL Tanzania was a tremendous spectacle with impressive entertainment and highlighted by the speech from the honorable Dr. Fenera Mkangara, the Tanzanian Minster of Information Youth, Culture, and Sport.  Introduced by Liz Lloyd, the CEO of Standard Chartered Tanzania, Dr. Fenera Mkangara spoke to the hundreds of school children and assembled media about the importance of the GOAL program for Tanzania.  She stressed the importance and need to increase the participation of girls in sport, and that, “sports is a strong linkage and important in raising children and the development of the nation at large and can improve child health and develop their studies.”

    Championed by Standard Chartered, the GOAL program teaches young boys and girls social lessons through football-based games over four main modules: Be Healthy, Be Empowered, Be Yourself, and Be Money Savvy.  Earlier in the week 64 teachers, coaches and Standard Chartered employees from the Dar es Salaam area went through an intensive training program to learn and be able to teach twenty GOAL games.  They will now implement these games with boys and girls in their respective schools who are aged 9-14.  The impact in Dar es Salaam alone is expected to approach 10,000 students.

    A snake performer was part of the festivities during the ceremony

    A snake performer was part of the days festivities!

    The launch moment came after a fun-filled day that included a DJ, dancers, a contortionist, a performer with a 15-foot snake, stilt-walkers, and a short demonstration of one of the GOAL games which included participation by Dr. Mkangara, Ms. Lloyd, and Rehema Tunzo the Headmistress of Zanaki Secondary School where the festivities took place.  Shortly thereafter the trio walked down the red carpet to cut a ceremonial ribbon under a shower of confetti to mark this monumental moment.  Make sure to check out our facebook page to see albums from both the Launch Day and the Teachers Training.

    The CAC team of Brian Suskiewicz and Tanzanian Community Impact Coach Nicolaus Achimpota now head to Arusha and Mwanza to train even more teachers in this valuable program.

    Teachers and coaches pose alongside the guests of honor with their certificates.

    Teachers and coaches pose alongside the guests of honor with their certificates.