• CAC, Hofstra, Soccer, and Pelé

    IMG_9421April 13, 2014. Another weekend, another speaking event for CAC Chief Executive Strategist, Brian Suskiewicz. A return home of sorts, Brian spoke at the “Soccer As The Beautiful Game” conference at Hofstra University in New York. Before CAC Brian was Associate Head Coach for the Hofstra Men’s Soccer Team from 2004 to 2009, winning three CAA titles during those five years. To say Brian was happy to return is an understatement, but throw a football legend into the mix and words fall short of expressing our delight in participating in this event.

    Brian has a chance to share a few words with Pele

    Brian has a chance to share a few words with legendary footballer and global icon Pele

    One of the big activities of the weekend, aside from gathering the all-stars of the sport for development field, was to give Pelé, THE Pelé, an honorary degree from Hofstra. His ties to the university go back to his days as a player as the NY Cosmos used to train at Hofstra in the 1970s.  Pelé also spoke at the conference, noting that coming to play for the NY Cosmos “was the best thing in my life.  It was the best decision to come to play in the United States.”  He also noted that soccer is “the biggest family in the world.”  Brian was honored to have a few moments to speak with Pelé and thank him for inspiring generations of footballers all over the world.  A full video of his 5-minute speech on Friday evening can be found here.

    Besides his brief meeting with the global icon, Brian spoke on two panels during this first ever event at his old stomping ground. The first focused on “Football, Pedagogy, and Integration,” and Brian capitalized on this opportunity to detail our philosophy of self-directed learning. Brian partook in this panel with other academics in the field, sharing ideas on how soccer can change the world, creating self-directed learners based on Dr. Judith Gates’ Chance to Choice educational theory.

    The second panel shifted attentions to “Empowerment, Social Integration, and Soccer”, moving from the theoretical to the practical. Many familiar faces joined Brian as he spoke about our work on the field in more than twenty-five countries around the world. Friends and partners of CAC who also participated include Mary McVeigh from Soccer Without Borders – who we are working with in Uganda this month! – as well as representatives from streetfootballworld, Love Futbol, and America Scores.  The interested crowd asked dozens of questions varying from implementation practices to supporting global charities.

    We are proud to be part of events like this, honored to be among such stellar figures in our field of not only international development but also international football – nice to meet you Pelé! Moreover, we are proud because we are the global leaders in sport for social impact and these platforms allow us to spread awareness for what we do with the incredible local organizations we are so grateful to call our partners.

  • Founder Nick Gates Speaks at NSCAA

    DSC_0002January 17, 2014.  Coaches Across Continents Founder Nick Gates spoke this past weekend at the NSCAA Convention.  The topic was  “The Real Power of Soccer: Partnerships for Sport in Development.”  Joining Nick on the panel were our partners One World Futbol as well as Mary McVeigh from Soccer Without Borders, another strong sport for social impact group whom we work directly with in Uganda.  The NSCAA Convention is the largest soccer coaching convention in the world and had an estimated 10,000 people in attendance.

    The NSCAA convention allowed our three senior strategists to network and mingle with coaches, organization, and leaders in the sports industry throughout the convention.  The Coaches Across Continents team worked the convention alongside two of our main partners at their booths on the convention floor with One World Futbol and XL Soccer World.  The work that Coaches Across Continents has done has garnered numerous international awards and offers to speak at various events.DSC_0047

  • Successful First Week in Beautiful Uganda!

    263250_468598456556239_553717691_nMay 27th 2013: My name is Rachel Blauner and this trip was my first with CAC. Coaches Across Continents travelled to Kampala this week in Uganda. The pitch, the coaches, and the hospitality from locals were thriving with potential and positivity foreshadowing a great week to come. Emily and I brought in the group the first day to discuss the plans for the week and the coaches were already excited and intrigued. Throughout the trainings, the coaches became more and more outgoing, leaving the training environment fun and intuitive.

    Fellow coaches from Soccer Without Borders and others who had been through the CAC curriculum before were amazing at repeating and teaching the games they had learned to the other coaches. I loved how well the coaches reacted to the games. Each coach brought a different type of leadership to the table, which made the learning environment even better. The trainings were smooth, fun, and interactive. I loved the games that were played and I extremely liked how the coaches exemplified their enthusiasm for the program. Each coach by the last training said they truly liked and enjoyed the trainings wanting to teach their teams back home.

    At the end of the week during closing ceremonies, I was so sad to be leaving such a great community and fantastic group of coaches. It was the perfect week to start our three-week journey travelling around Uganda. We left this week with a better understanding of Uganda’s culture; locals and coaches. One of the interesting parts of the week for me was seeing monkeys run around! Actually being in Uganda completely changed my perspective of what life is like in Uganda and I am extremely excited to see what the next two weeks have in store for us. 248046_468598889889529_1262497475_n