• S4S and CAC Work Together for Social Inclusion

    1234102_10152256744504199_1832267650_nOctober 7, 2013. Our first program in Zimbabwe began with a week of fun for a partnership that has a huge impact on children in Mutare, Zimbabwe between Coaches Across Continents and Sports 4 Socialization (S4S). The Coaches Across Continents volunteer group was led by Sophie Legros.  Jon Dickinson, Becca Meierbachtol and Danielle Foxhoven were the volunteer coaches, all on their first trips with CAC. The program ran 3 days in Mutare with about 30 women and 5 men community leaders attending the weeks sessions. S4S works with children with any disability to provide them with physiotherapy, physical education, support, mentorship and a place to
    play sports with other children (disabled or fully abled)!

    Despite the heat of the mornings and the 3 hour long training sessions
    the women were in high spirits and laughter everyday! Eager to learn
    more games and lessons for the kids they coach and teach they brought
    their best efforts in every game played. In fact women were diving on
    the ground, sliding and not afraid to get dirty.

    By the end of the week the women were confident with their new lessons
    as the volunteer coaches watched them coach the games back to the
    group displaying their adaptations to the games for the children’s
    disabilities that they teach.

    On the mornings and afternoons when the volunteer coaches were not on
    the field with the community leaders they were helping the wonderful
    S4S staff with their on field duties at each of the 6 primary schools
    they work at. Overall the week was a success and both our CAC coaches and S4S coaches came away better and more knowledgeable and equipped!


  • Sport 4 Socialisation, Zimbabwe Prepare for International Women’s Day

    March 7, 2013.  Sport 4 Socialisation are gearing up for International Women’s Day on March 8, 2013.  S4S is one of Coaches Across Continents’ partners in Zimbabwe, working in the Eastern city of Mutare.  S4S has the aim to improve the quality of life and to promote social inclusion of children with disabilities and their families.  Check out their new video!

    [vimeo http://vimeo.com/60731754]

    Coaches Across Continents is proud to work with groups like S4S as they seek to improve conditions locally and globally for all people.  The second year of our Hat Trick Initiative is underway in 2013 and we will be sharing ideas at their site again in September.

    Mothers involved in S4S play "Nawal Leadership Lines", part of the GOAL curriculum provided by CAC

    Mothers involved in S4S play “Nawal Leadership Lines”, part of the GOAL curriculum provided by CAC

  • IMPACT Zimbabwe: Sport4Socialisation

    Nov 28th, 2012:  Sport4Socialisation update:
    S4S is a unique program run out of Mutare, Zimbabwe, that works with
    mentally and physically disabled youth and their families. S4S was
    another winner of Beyond Sport, and CAC volunteers spent two weeks in
    Mutare in July, helping the organization rework their curriculum and
    prepare their football team for the Paralympics. S4S has since
    returned from the Danhiko Paralympic Games, where they won 3 gold, 3
    silver, and a bronze medal. They have moved their office to the center
    of town, where they now have their own physiotherapy clinic, and their
    parent support group has expanded its services to making peanut
    butter, sewing, and buying and selling firewood as additional means of
    income. In addition, S4S has partnered with 2 other local
    organizations to play wheelchair basketball on Saturday mornings. They
    are constantly starting new initiatives, and are currently working with
    Coaches Across Continents to design a new curriculum
    for the coming year.

    Kevin Harrington, Vas Giahos, Tim Wheaton, Emmy Wheaton, Melanie
    Baskind, Brian Suskiewicz

    We want to thank everyone for all their help this past year.  Coaches
    Across Continents has set company records for the number of programs
    assisted, number of coaches taught, number of children reached, and
    number of communities and countries visited.

    Your efforts have helped change lives and are continuing to improve
    communities. To keep volunteers up to date on how their work continues
    to impact others, we will be sending emails that highlight programs
    from a specific country and their ongoing successes.

  • Meet our Partner Programs in Zimbabwe

    Meet Bulldogs Sports Development Trust

    1.What is your name and what is your organization? My name is Arron Mutede and of Bulldogs Sports Development Trust

    2. What is the biggest message you try to teach your kids through the game of soccer? We try to teach that there is equal access and equal opportunity to maximize natural potential.

    3. Who is your favorite soccer team? Chelsea
    4. If you could meet any famous soccer person in the world, who would it be and why?  Didia Drogba because he is an inspiring role model for upcoming African players. He is an African Union. Sport  Ambassador for peace and development and it would be a life time opportunity to meet him and have chance to talk our project goals.
    5. What is the thing you are looking forward to most about working with Coaches Across Continents? We would like to focus on the transfer of expertise and knowledge on how to effect coach training, athlete development and life skills training in a more modern way though your professional and effective manner.
    Meet Sport 4 Socialization

    1. What is your name and what is your organization? I am Onai Dhlakama and I am the adapted activity officer with Sport 4 Socialisation in Zimbabwe.

    2. What is the biggest message you try to teach your kids through the game of soccer? The message we would want to teach is that ‘No man is an Island. Team work pays.’ Everybody is equal and should have the same rights an opportunities, no matter their abilities!

    3. Who is your favourite soccer team? Manchester United
    4. If you could meet any famous soccer person in the world, who would it be? Why would you want to meet them? I would like to meet Sir Alex Ferguson. I would like to learn how he consistently manages to motivate his team to keep abreast with the ever increasing competition trends in the world of soccer.

     5. What is the thing you are looking forward to most about working with Coaches Across Continents? We are looking forward to learn from Coaches Across Continents in many ways, and hope to get some good suggestions for our coaching in general in our existing programs. More specifically we would like to learn the following:

    *Biomechanical corrections for shooting and penalty taking since most athletes either shoot the ball over the goal posts or they might shoot the ball wayward to the sides of the goal posts.

    *I would also like to learn  the best attacking and defending formations as well as tactics.

    *What to look for in athletes when selecting a team for different positions i.e. defenders, mid fielders as well as strikers.

    *In a camping situation, what are some of practical motivational strategies that a coach can utilize to get all athletes and technical staff fired up and ready for even the greatest challenges in their carriers.

  • Meet our Coaches Heading to Cameroon, Zimbabwe and India

    Meet Kevin Harrington

    Favorite soccer team: Arsenal
    Favorite player: Lionel Messi
    Favorite movie: Wedding Crashers
    Favorite food: Hamburger
    Who will win Euro 2012? Spain
    Funniest moment on the soccer field: In a co-ed league in 3rd grade, I was pushed off the ball by a girl on the other team and landed face-first in a pile of mud. I had to be pulled out of the game because I was so embarrassed that I refused to play anymore.
    What you are most looking forward to with your volunteering? I am really looking forward to learning about the culture and everyday lives of the people of Africa and to impacting their lives in such a positive manner.

    Interesting fact(s) about you: I speak some Portuguese.

    Anything else you want us to put out in the blogosphere?  (i.e. quote/hopes/dreams/favorite color/astrology sign?) My favorite quote is “Every problem is an opportunity”. I first heard it from my grandfather years ago and my dad has repeated it to me hundreds of times over the years.

    I hope to some day develop my own start-up.

    Kevin will first be working in Cameroon with the African Volunteer Football Academy for the Less Privileged (AVFAL), United Action for Children (UAC) and then in Zimbabwe with Sport 4 Socialization and Bulldogs Sport Development.

    Meet Vas Giahos

    Favorite soccer team: Barcelona

    Favorite player: Ronaldinho (back in the day)

    Favorite movie: The Sandlot (although Wedding Crashers is a close 2nd)

    Favorite food: Pilafi (Greek rice)

    Euro 2012: Greece!! (2004??)

    My funniest moment on the soccer field was in a club game in high school when I was playing with a yellow card and blatantly fouled a kid. The ref subsequently went for his pocket and I simply saved him the time but walking off the field and toward the bench. The realm of play continued for a couple of minutes until my coach realized I wasn’t on the field and started screaming at me to get out there…apparently the ref didn’t actually give me a second yellow.

    As far as this trip is concerned, I am looking forward to seeing a different perspective on the world and life in general. I am really hoping to make some sort of impact on the lives of some of the individuals that I interact with, and of course I am looking to have a great time along the way.

    Interesting fact: I used to Greek dance competitively.

    Vas will be working in Cameroon with the African Volunteer Football Academy for the Less Privileged (AVFAL) United Action for Children (UAC) and in Zimbabwe with Sport 4 Socialization.

    Meet Jaren LaGreca
    Favorite soccer team: Manchester United
    Favorite player: Dani Alves
    Favorite movie: Fight Club
    Favorite food: Grandma LaGreca’s spaghetti
    Who will win Euro 2012? Not England
    Funniest moment on the soccer field:  Scary soccer with fellow Coaches Across Continents volunteer Marisa Brown at Demonstration Elementary School in Monrovia, Liberia.
    What you are most looking forward to with your volunteering? Watching the faces of kids light up when we show up to play soccer with them.

    Interesting fact(s) about you: I volunteered with Coaches Across Continents last year in Zambia, Ghana, and Liberia.

    Jaren will be working in India with Slum Soccer.

    Meet Christina Hagner
    Favorite soccer team: Well obviously Harvard Women’s Soccer…but Chelsea is pretty sweet too

    Favorite player: Fernando Torres
    Favorite movie: Tough call between Finding Nemo, Love Actually, and Gladiator
    Favorite food: Chocolate
    Who will win Euro 2012? SPAIN
    Funniest moment on the soccer field: my nickname on the Harvard team was “hags” (a spinoff from my last name).  Let’s just say some confusion was created whenever that last letter got left off…
    What you are most looking forward to with your volunteering? Seeing the impact I make; the smiles; getting to know the local community

    Interesting fact(s) about you: I can wiggle my ears

    Favorite quote #1: “Stay foolish…stay hungry” – Steve Jobs

    Favorite quote #2: “Shake and bake!” – Ricky Bobby

    Christina will be working in Cameroon with the African Volunteer Football Academy for the Less Privileged (AVFAL).

    Meet: Gina Wideroff

    Favorite player: Sophia Legros
    Favorite tv show: Seinfeld
    Favorite food: Fresh out of the oven homemade chocolate chip cookies
    Who will win Euro 2012? Italy
    Funniest moment on the soccer field: Too many to recount, but here are a couple: We were playing BC, of course at BC, and Biz got stuck in a hard tackle, and although she was still on the ground, she  blocked the next shot with her neck. It was a bit concerning at the time, but in retrospect we get a good laugh about it because Lizzy never failed to live up to her name, Bizness. Another moment came at a captain’s toss; a less personable ref went in for the pound rather than the handshake to introduce himself, so my reaction was to turn his pound into a snail. I guess that could check the embarrassing moment question.
    What you are most looking forward to with your volunteering? All of the inherent experiences follow a Caucasian girl with a soccer ball at her foot in a foreign country. And trying to keep my GI tract in one piece.

    Interesting fact(s) about you: The most productive part of my day occurs when I’m sleepwalking.

    Anything else you want us to put out in the blogosphere?  (i.e. quote/hopes/dreams/favorite color/astrology sign?) The Miami Heat will be 2012 NBA champions