• An Eye-Opener in Bangladesh

    Liton A. Zaman, West Ham United Academy Coach/ The FA, provides his thoughts delivering coaching education in Bangladesh.  This initiative between the Asian Football Confederation, Coaches Across Continents, and the FA is using football to create sustainable social development in communities by educating Bangladeshi Football Federation coaches and impacting Bangladeshi children.  This past week we were in the northern city of Sylhet.

    What an experience it has been in Sylhet.  They said it was an honour for them to have us, but I think it was an honour for us to be there and work with great people that have a love and passion in helping young people, the environment they live in, and for the love of the game.  Over the past three days, three coaches (myself, Taff Rahman from the FA, and Brian Suskiewicz from Coaches Across Continents) have been educating Bangladesh Football Federation coaches on best practices in working with children, and how to use football to address social issues.   Many of these coaches came from rural areas and this was their first-ever coaching course.

    What an excellent project this is. Coming from an elite environment at West Ham United where our focus is to develop the individuals to become the next Premier League player, to a whole new challenge working with young people and coaches where the aim is to develop community leaders. The number one goal is to help coaches and young people to address social issues through sports and engagement. It has been an honour for me personally to be able to contribute towards this amazing program thanks to the AFC, along with the BFF and the English FA.

    ~Liton A. Zaman

    27 Photos from Sylhet

  • CAC Part of Football Remembers Week

    November 26th 2014. 100 years ago this Christmas the First World War had begun. On Christmas Day 1914 troops on both sides were divided only by a narrow piece of land called No-Mans Land in Flanders, Belgium. That is when one of the most iconic moments in the war took place. For one day weapons and violence were replaced by a soccer ball and peace as the soldiers came together in No-Mans Land to play a Christmas Day game of soccer.

    To commemorate this event, which demonstrates the power of soccer to unite people all over the world, the British Council are running a series of activities for ‘Football Remembers Week’ between December 6th and the 14th. This collaboration between the British Council, the FA, the Premier League and the Football League will include a pre-match photo of both competing teams at all soccer games from the Premier League to high school games.

    Coaches Across Continents, as global leaders in sport for social impact, will be doing our bit for these events. Our programs are currently running in India and Tanzania with upcoming programs in Nepal and Jamaica in December. We will therefore have photos taken at all of these programs as well as asking other international partners to send in photos during the week. These photos will be broadcast on a special ‘Football Remembers’ website. This will add an international perspective to the event, including citizens of many countries who also fought in the First World War. Furthermore, one of the main facets of our programs is the ability of soccer to help people resolve conflict, solve problems and build peace making CAC ideal participants in ‘Football Remembers Week’.

    If you are taking part in a soccer game around the weekend of December the 6th why not join in ‘Football Remembers’ and take a photo with both participating teams.

    For more information on ‘Football Remembers’ go to http://www.britishcouncil.org/organisation/press/football-honour-centenary-1914-christmas-truce.