• Launching Give Us a Game 2012

    XL Soccer Supports Give Us a Game

    January 13th, 2012.  Coaches Across Continents has launched the new Give Us a Game 2012 (click for more information) at the NSCAA Convention in Kansas, USA.

    The Give Us a Game 2012 Initiative is designed for teams, clubs and corporations to donate 90 minutes of their time to support the Coaches Across Continents programs in Africa, Asia, South America and North America.

    XL Soccer Tours, Xara Soccer, Harvard Soccer and Texas Lonestars were 4 of the Give Us a Game partners in 2011 and their support helped programs in Tanzania, Liberia and Ghana receive the Coaches Across Continents Hat-Trick Initiative.

    “Our  Give Us a Game 2012 is an exciting way for the soccer community and socially responsible businesses to be part of a much bigger picture in using soccer to make real social change.  We’re looking forward to building this exciting program throughout the USA and the NSCAA event is a perfect launch pad.”  Nick Gates, Global Strategist, Coaches Across Continents.

    Meet Coaches Across Continents at the XL Soccer Booth #1335 at the NSCAA Convention January 12th-14th, 2012.

  • A record number of partner requests in 2011.

    March 31st, 2011.  The demand for the Coaches across Continents program for 2011 resulted in more than 90 partner requests from more than 30 countries.  Communities in 13 countries have been selected for programs in 2011 and no more applications are being accepted this year.

    “The number of requests reflects the amazing work of our coaches on the fields and the demand for quality education for development through sport.  Unfortunately we were unable to work with all the great partners who applied for our program.” Andy Old, Coach Advisory Board.

    Coaches across Continents has already begun to accept partnership requests for 2012 and interested communities can apply by going to:  http://coachesacrosscontinents.com/Partners/index_E.html

  • Goal 1: XARA soccer supports our new Hat-Trick Initiative in Ghana.

    March 11th, 2011.  Coaches across Continents has announced a new Hat-Trick partner in Ghana. 

    The Coaches across Continents partner program in Ghana is a youth oriented not-for-profit; non-government organization run by young people committed through empowerment of the youth of Africa with its office located in Accra the capital of Ghana. Started in 2005 but legally registered in 2008 in Ghana, Youth Icons is highly concerned about the continued deterioration of the status of the youth of Africa who face growing levels of unemployment, poverty, armed conflict, disease, functional illiteracy and substance abuse among other socio-economic challenges, despite global advances made in technology, medical research, entrepreneurship development, leisure and recreational facilities.  Our work is geared towards empowering the youth to identify and develop their dreams and own the future. This we seek to achieve by enhancing the lives of youth by expanding learning opportunities available to them, pointing the way to a future full of hope and working together to create that future.

    Nana Yaw Osei-Darkwa, the leader at Youth Icons, Ghana first heard about Coaches across Continents at the Peace and Sport program in Monaco in 2009 and presented a thoughtful partner request form.  Nana and Nick Gates from Coaches across Continents met in December 2010 and the joint partnership will begin ‘on the field’ in October 2011.

    XARA soccer from California have chosen to support this program as part of the Coaches across Continents “Give us a Game” program and all XARA staff will be working with CaC for 90 minutes on March 11th to promote this partnership.

    For more information on the XARA “Give us a Game” program, go to: http://www.firstgiving.com/xara-soccer-give-us-a-game-project

  • Xara Soccer announce Give Us a Game CSR partnership with Coaches across Continents

    January 18th, 2011. Xara Soccer are delighted to announce that they have chosen Coaches across Continents as their CSR partner and are joining the Give Us a Game project on March 11th, 2011.

    The Give Us a Game project is designed for teams and businesses that want to get involved but don’t always have the time to work on the ground in the developing country.

    Here’s how it works….it’s as simple as a game of soccer:

     1)       Your team or business chooses a date and time, any date in 2011.

    2)       On that date, every member of the team or business devote 90 minutes of their time to making people and business partners aware of Coaches across Continents and our work in developing communities.

    Members of your team or Business can (just a few ideas):

    a)       Get people to join our page on facebook

    b)       Direct people to our web page at www.coachesacrosscontinents.com

    c)       People can sign up to receive our coaches blogs from the fields.

    d)       You can set up a page at www.firstgiving.com/22655 and raise funds for our   programs.

    e)      Recruit Coaches to work at our programs

    f)       Put our logo and link on your web site

    g)      Come up with different ideas on how you could get involved with Coaches across Continents and our Give Us a Game Project.

    “We are holding our national sales meeting that week and are delighted that all members of our staff, sales people and office staff will be supporting Coaches across Continents.”  Chris Price, Xara Soccer

    “We’d like to thank Xara for choosing to partner with our Give Us a Game CSR project. All the Xara staff have supported Coaches across Continents since 2008 and this is another amazing commitment to supporting Soccer for Social Development in communities around the world.”  Adam Rousmaniere, Coaches across Continents.