• Talking with Festus Juma, the founder of SEP

    May 8th, 2010

    Extracts from an interview with Festus Juma, the founder of SEP, Oyugis, Kenya.

    Why did you invite Coaches across Continents to work with your community in Oyugis?

    SEP is a FIFA/Streetfootballworld Football for Hope member and I met with Nick Gates from Coaches across Continents at a Football for Hope convention in S. Africa in 2009.  I knew that our SEP program needed to build our coaching capacity and develop life skills training through football.  Our use of football had been to simply play games and train for games.  Coaches across Continents gave a totally new and innovative way for us to use our football training.  It was an opportunity for our young coaches to learn from the global leaders.  Over the course of 9 months we developed a relationship with Coaches across Continents and in April they arrived in Oyugis.

    What are some of the best things about the Coaches across Continents coaching program?

    For the first time we have seen girls coaching sessions.  Having girls in the program was a necessity for working with Coaches across Continents and I am so grateful to see these quiet girls coaching at the top of their voices and running sessions that they have learned from Coaches across Continents.  This is the first time that we have female coaches who can teach about female empowerment and HIV.

    How will you use the Coaches across Continents teaching styles to improve your SEP program?

    Over the 50 hours we have identified new leaders/educators and now we can integrate them into our program.  We will use the Coaches across Continents games and curriculum to improve our Football for Social Development.  Before we simply played football and separately taught life skills. Now we can do them all by using the Coaches across Continents program.  We now have the capacity to develop our community through our coaches.

    Why would you recommend that other football organizations use Coaches across Continents?

    We have attended other football training programs in Kenya but they do not address the real needs of our communities…they only teach professional football.  Often we cannot use these games because we would need one ball per player and many, many cones.  Coaches across Continents is unique because it helps communities grow.  I will be recommending that all streetfootballworld members adopt the Coaches across Continents programs and principles.

    It is great the kind of work you did in Oyugis, leaving our young girls and boys highly inspired, ready to take on the task of replicating the project with CAC Approach.

    Coaches across Continents partnered with SEP from April 19th-29th, 2010