• The 1st Day of CAC Christmas

    IMG_0835November 20th 2013. Today is the 1st day of CAC’s 12 day Christmas offer special. Why not head to this page to learn about today’s special offer- donate $50 and a soccer t-shirt will be donated to a community in Colombia. Every day there will be new offers giving you the opportunity to do something different and meaningful this Christmas by donating sports equipment to under served communities across the world. When you make your donation you will be sent a certificate which can be used as a Christmas gift. There will also be days when you can purchase equipment directly to give away as great Christmas gifts.


    Rather than giving a book or an ornament which won’t be used why not take advantage of these offers and give someone the pleasure of knowing that they have given communities equipment which will provide fun and pleasure to young people. Please make sure to tell us the name of the person who will be receiving the gift so that we can send it to you. These communities often do not have access to sports equipment such as this making your donation particularly important and meaningful. Equipment such as bags, t-shirts, sports jackets and shorts which are donated by you will be taken to these communities throughout 2014 and given to our local partners who know who need the gear the most.

    IMG_0850A second option as part of the 12 days of Christmas is to purchase the equipment. On certain days you will have the opportunity to buy equipment and give it away as Christmas gifts. Once you make your payment we will be sent your address and will send the equipment out to you on the 10th of December allowing plenty of time for you to get the equipment before Christmas. The equipment is brand new and perfect to be used as sports training gear.

    Don’t forget to keep on checking this page for the next 2 weeks to find out more special Christmas offers!