• The Challenges for Female Empowerment

    Original Post: 9/19/2009

    This photo taken in Blantyre, Malawi on July 1st 2009, captures the challenge faced by young females in developing countries.  While Nick from Coaches across Continents watched on at a session with PLAY SOCCER Malawi, the young girl, aged 6, walked across to join her group with her young brother tied to her back.  She joined in the ‘movement and balance’ part of the day and happily hopped and skipped and jumped with her brother on her back.  Her mother had asked her to take care of her brother and she didn’t want to miss soccer, so she brought him along. This is a common sight in Malawi and throughout Africa as young girls cope with traditional family demands in a modernizing society.

    Coaches across Continents is working with partner groups throughout the world to create safe environments for girls to join in soccer programs.

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