• The first new project for 2010 is announced with SEP in Kenya.

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    October 26th, 2009.

    We are delighted to announce our first new partner group for 2010.  The SEP organization has been chosen based upon the impressive work with sport for social development since 2004.  A member of FIFA Football for Hope, SEP approached Coaches across Continents in June 2009 and provided all the necessary information for our Board to make a positive decision.

    LOCATION Oyugis, Nyanza Province
    FIELD OF WORK education, employability, environment, health
    TARGET GROUP Young Kenyans suffering from the effects of poverty and the impact of the AIDS epidemic in western Kenya

    Based in western Kenya, Society Empowerment Project (SEP) is providing hope to a region ravaged by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. With Kenya’s highest rate of infection, the Nyanza Province faces high child and adult mortality, large number of AIDS orphans and poor educational opportunities. In this context, a group of volunteers from Oyugis founded SEP in 2004 to give back to their community. Using football to attract young people, SEP provides life skills, sports leadership and management training. In addition, it works closely with AIDS awareness and treatment groups and local schools to provide young people with training to reduce the level of infection.

    Beyond its health programmes, SEP is striving to improve the livelihood of its participants through agricultural training. The productivity of Nyanza Province, an agricultural heartland of Kenya, has suffered severely from a mixture of factors, including the HIV/AIDS epidemic. SEP is addressing this problem by providing assistance to families in Oyugis in small-scale agricultural production in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock. In the future SEP members hope to construct a vocational training centre to increase education and further improve the lives of their fellow citizens.SEP Logo
    Barack Obama Snr, the father of the US President was born in the Nyanza Province .
    “We are looking forward to learning from this ambitious program and to helping them develop a coaching and teaching style that is consistent and modern.  We were all so impressed by their work and the enthusiasm of the program and our coaches are looking forward to sharing ideas in April 2010.”  Steve Wanless, Board of Directors Coaches across Continents.