• The work continues in Year 2 in Kigoma, Tanzania.

    Original Post: 8/30/2009

    Picture2The Coaches across Continents Hat trick Initiative in Kigoma, Tanzania has started it’s second year.  Working with Nicolaus Achompota, the Sports Officer for the Kigoma Municipal Education, our two coaches have spent the first week back in Kigoma working with 32 teachers from schools in the region.. It was a great week where teachers developed a new style of teaching, learned how to use a quieter voice and positive body language to encourage children to engage in a new series of challenges through soccer. As with all our 2009 programs, teachers in developing communities were shown how soccer can be used to develop a healthy body and mind. The Ronaldo education day was a huge success and the new and fun HIV education games promoted discussion and development. The week finished with a quick game with all the teachers laughing and encouraging each other.

    “We all worked so hard but always we were laughing. We learned how soccer can be used to educate our children how to be healthier. It was great”        Kigoma teacher.

    In the evenings, Coaches Christian and Nick devoted their time to work with underprivileged children in the area. On the first night, 12 young girls turned up for their first ever experience playing soccer and by night number 3, there were 145 girls on the dusty field with our two coaches and 4 soccer balls. It was great experience full of education, songs and soccer. Seeing 145 girls and young women singing and dancing to our newly created “Jambo, Jambo” song  was an unforgettable experience.

    Next week we leave Kigoma to work with upto 60 teachers at the teacher training college in Kasulu, a college two hours from Kigoma town.  It is an exciting opportunity for Coaches across Continents to work with young teachers and to help them understand the power of football for social development..

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