• Up to September 2010: A year of controlled growth and success.

    August 21st, 2010:  In 2010 the demand for Coaches across Continents continued to grow at a rapid rate and programs were added in South Africa, Kenya and Uganda, so that by the end of 2010 there will be 18 programs in 6 countries impacting up to 90,000 children and teachers.

    So far in 2010 our wonderful coaches have worked in Nairobi with VAP and Carolina for Kibera, in Oyugis with SEP and in Kisumu with KYFA.  In Uganda our partners are Straight Talk in Busia, FRO in Pader and Buwate Youth nr. Kampala.  South Africa saw a new partnership with Whizzkids and in Malawi we are working with Play Soccer and Funwefarm before heading back to Tanzania with Kigoma and new work in Geita.  Our year on the fields in Africa finishes in Zambia with Beyond Sport Integrated in Monze and Play Soccer in Lusaka.  Additionally our program has been used by Urban Soccer Collaboration, USA and we are looking at potential programs in Haiti and with Global Special Olympics.  Each partner is carefully selected after completing a rigorous application process.  Each program has a unique set of challenges and our Chance to Choice curriculum is developed to have the flexibility to work for the needs of our partner rather than using a one size fits all approach.

    Off the field Coaches across Continents continues to gain global acclaim.  We were invited to Barcelona in March as a finalist in the Global Sports Forum and in September we will be running workshops at the 2010 Beyond Sport Awards in Chicago.  We were awarded a new Global prize of a Connor Sport Court that is shipping to Kigoma for the first ever all weather facility in Tanzania.  Select Gear became a full Hat-Trick partner in Uganda and corporate sponsors began to take notice of the impact our organization was having in communities. Our CSR 2010 that was developed with Accenture Consulting has raised business awareness of the power of sport.

    Our business boards added some great leaders with Christian Aviza, Graham Bradford, Andy Old and Ciaran McArdle and we are developing playersacrosscontinents.org and soccermomsacrosscontinents.org to be part of our business development program to help raise new funding sources for our work.  We unveiled our own WISER evaluation system to measure results of our work through sport that will have a major impact in this developing field. And in September we roll out our new brand logo that was designed with grassroots.org and freelogoproject.org to showcase the impact of our Hat-Trick Initiative.

    Sport and development is a new way to educate communities and its power was seen in South Africa during World Cup 2010.  Our job as the global leader in this new field is to create awareness of the true value of sport and work with partners in developing communities and businesses and sponsors in developed countries to use the power of education through sport to influence social change.  It’s not enough in 2010 to educate about the facts of HIV, the education has to be about influencing behavioural change.  Female empowerment isn’t just having women play sport but to use that sport to create healthier young woman who have a ‘voice and a choice’.  And our job is to use sport to help communities avoid conflict and show that there are always choices for every decision.  Most importantly, sport gives the chnace to educate in a fun way.  In the past 3 days we have received 4 new partner requests from countries like Botswana, South Africa, India and Ghana and we are are anticipating further controlled growth in 2011.

    Already we are turning our attention to 2011 and ensuring that Coaches across Continents is able to provide even more Soccer for Social Development programs.  Behind the scenes our Boards are working tirelessly to build an ’off the field’ system  to support our successful ‘on the field’ programs.  Over the next few weeks we will start with 2011 staff recruitment and organize 2011 program dates and communities.  It’s an exciting time for everyone involved with Coaches across Continents.