• Girls participating in the Kisumu event

    Using Sport to Celebrate International Women’s Day

    Girls participating in the Kisumu event

    March 24, 2012: International Women’s Day is celebrated differently all around the world with the common theme of focusing on the achievements and contribution made by girls and women in their communities. That is also how Coaches Across Continents celebrated this important day with the launch of the initiative – Soccer Moms Across Continents, to encourage former and current players to lead projects that contribute to the work of Coaches Across Continents. We have had many women express interest in volunteering their time to Coaches Across Continents so this gives us a platform to funnel these efforts.

    Many of our partner programs proudly shared with us the activities they organized for girls in their communities on March 8th. Each program focused on providing soccer based activities for the girls in their communities and they conveyed to us great success stories.

    Kisumu celebrates IWD with skills testing

    In Kisumu, Kenya, 50 girls from 6 teams participated in a soccer skills challenge. This was the first time the organization hosted an event on IWD and the group was very pleased with the results. Girls’ efforts were rewarded with soccer equipment and each participating team received recognition for their participation.

    In Tanzania, Coach Nico continued his outstanding work in schools and in the community by working with women sex workers and female school children to educate on life skills and health and wellness.  In Buwate, Uganda the leaders of the program are challenged by the fact that many girls and women are under threat of harmful traditional practices that affect their physical integrity. For many reasons, sports play an important role in empowering the women to take control of their bodies and make their own decisions. Buwate offered training based on the Marta activities from CAC’s Chance to Choice Curriculum.

    Girls from the Buwate Youth Sport Academy

    These activities are named after one of the best female players in the world and are designed to encourage girls to work hard individually and collectively. The games create environments where girls are challenged to think creatively to solve problems.

    Focusing on female achievement and contribution shouldn’t be a one day theme and at CAC we work hard to create environments through our chance to choice curriculum where female coaches and players are not only always included but encouraged to take on leadership roles, make good choices, think creatively while addressing problems and practice essential life skills through football activities.