• Visiting Nico’s Stomping Grounds – Chamwino, Tanzania

    November 29th, 2012: Our CAC team could sense the excitement flowing from Nico as we approached Chamwino after a long bus ride from Geita. Arriving in Dodoma, immediately we were greeted by the hustle in the streets and the constant activity in the capital city of Tanzania. Chamwino is a small rural town located about 30 km outside Dodoma and it was the setting for our third Coaches Across Continents program this year. Chamwino is also the town where Nico spends time working with the local teachers teaching sport for development as well as with his girls team who are improving very quickly.  Last year a team of CAC coaches began the hat trick initiative in Chamwino while working with the Capital Teachers college to educate teachers and coaches on using football for change as well as with a young female team who were eager to acquire new football and life skills.

    In Chamwino. Nico once again showed how instrumental he is in the partnership with CAC as he ensured that before starting any program on the field that the CAC team would meet and greet a plethora of government officials, sports personnel and education officers. It felt redundant to repeat over again our individual backgrounds highlighting the role of football in each of our lives, however, with each reaction from the listener it became apparent that our stories were shaping the perspective for many in regards to females in sport as well as the importance of education and sport.

    For five days the CAC team delivered a program to local teachers, all of which had shown great interest in using sport to engage the youth. The coaches were very receptive of the program, often asking questions about the games, the skills taught and the relevance to their communities. CAC taught many of the typical first year games covering various themes and mixed in a handful of GOAL games that speak to issues such as financial literacy, communication skills, self-esteem and setting goals.

    The last day CAC challenged the teachers to design their own games addressing issues relevant to their communities. The games were dynamic and each reflected pieces of GOAL games, however, with an added from the local teachers. For example, one group designed a game on environmental awareness and used the Sawa’s Rights game as the skeleton but adapted it to better suit the needs of the topic and the audience. Another group chose to focus on ways to earn money while the last two taught focused on drug abuse and malaria prevention. Some of the coaches also had the opportunity to begin teaching the games in the afternoon when CAC trained a team of young female footballers who were eager to develop new skills and to train with a group of foreign female coaches.

    Nico has shown again the importance of a program being embedded in the community. The CAC program was not just presented to the teachers and youth in the on the field program but also to the majority of education and sports officials who are working in both Dodoma and Chamwino. Making these connections within the community is fundamental to the sustainability of the program and judging by the reactions of many of the officials, there is an overall strong sense of appreciation for the work that CAC is doing and understanding that the knowledge given should be spread to more teachers, coaches and youth.


  1. ALFRED MWESIGA says: October 20, 2013 at 7:43 amReply

    I was among of the teachers who attended the program. is usiful to us, now i apply them im my team at MVUMI MAKULU SECONDARY SCHOOL.