• Working and Learning with Moving the GoalPosts in Kilifi, Kenya

    August 2ndnd, 2012: Kilifi Kenya- For the past two weeks our CAC group of coaches and volunteers have had the amazing experience of working with coaches and players aspiring to become coaches in Bamba, Ganze, Kaloleni, Vitengeni and Bahari. These are areas and communities near Kilifi where Moving the GoalPosts is headquartered. Walking up the headquarters is a sight in itself, as it is a beautiful white building with a newly opened resource center, meeting rooms and employees and volunteers busily working on their programs and participating in workshops and capacity building sessions. We were warmly greeted by Janet who runs the entire football program and who once was a player with MTG. This year MTG will celebrate its tenth year and the employees and volunteer team are very proud of the work they are doing in the community as well as their tremendous growth in just 10 years.

    The CAC team worked within the different communities coaching beginning level coaches with the majority being new to the idea of coaching football for social development. Due to the large network of coaches and fields, CAC could only work with coaches at one specific site for three days. Although the time spent with participants wasn’t very long, we were able to cover many football for social development themes and test out some of our new female specific football games addressing female empowerment.  Language was also a barrier at some sites so we relied on our games, laughter and lots of movements to get our ideas across.

    Moving the GoalPosts is a unique organization in that not only does it provide services to only girls but that it is an almost entirely female run organization. Many of the now employed were once volunteers and through the years were given opportunities to attend multiple workshops to build their skills as coaches, players, peer to peer educators, first aiders and other roles. It has been a great experience for our team to learn more about this dynamic organization and to speak with leaders within MTG. We even included a new football skill set called MTG 1, 2, 3 where players worked on passing as well as quick decision making and communication.

    Monday all of the participants from the last two weeks will meet at the MTG offices where certificates will be handed out, games discussed and written out in notebooks and  a curriculum will be shared that will then be used in practices with teams on MTG fields all around Kilifi. Both CAC and MTG have learned a lot from each other this year and we look forward to strengthening the partnership.


  1. HENDRITAH MAGHANGA says: August 8, 2016 at 1:34 amReply

    My name is Hendritah Maghanga, I have completed my bachelors degree in development studies. and currently seeking for a job as I await for my graduation. At the moment am based in kilifi. Thank you as I look forward to a favourable reply.

    • Coaches Across Continents says: August 15, 2016 at 10:48 amReply

      Hi Hendritah, thanks for contacting CAC. Have you taken part in a CAC program previously? Please go to this page and download the application form. If you complete that and email it to us we will be able to consider your application. Best wishes, Coaches Across Continents