• The One World Futbol Announces Candidacy for President of the United States

    August 3rd 2016. We are pleased to present this guest blog post written by The Ball.

    My fellow Americans, it is with great excitement and gleeful joy that I accept the Play Party nomination for president of the United States of America.

    Today, we begin the play revolution! The goal of my presidential campaign is simple: to inspire and transform our country—and the world—into a place full of play. The Play Party and I want to lead everyone to Make Life PlayFull!

    Why play?

    When we play, conflicts are forgotten; we are creative and empowered; and we can’t help but smile, laugh and live in the moment. Play, in all its forms, unlocks our passion and our potential. It is the foundation for building the best version of ourselves and our world.

    Play deprivation is real

    Unfortunately, play deprivation is undeniably real. In too many places, opportunities to play are dwindling. In some places, recess, art and music programs have been cut. In others, these programs never existed.

    Children are more “scheduled” now than ever before, and many kids in underserved communities lack the resources, access and time to play. Studies show that this deprivation leads to poor social, emotional and cognitive development of children.

    Play champions

    Enough is enough. It’s time to change this. It’s time to bring back play.

    To do this, I’m calling on you to become a true champion of play and Make Life PlayFull for everyone! All contributions to my presidential campaign will go to three amazing partners who Make Life PlayFull daily: Coaches Across Continents, Futbol por la Paz and Playworks.

    Whether you’re with the Democratic Party, Republican Party, Green Party, Libertarian Party or an Independent, I know all of you can get behind my party, the Play Party.

    The Ball for President - ball toss

    Make Life PlayFull

    As many of you know, balls have been around forever. The simple design is a foundation for all forms of play to build on. Basketball, baseball, soccer, cricket, tennis, tetherball, kickball, foursquare, bowling, golf, bocce and even your own imagined game all have one thing in common: a ball.

    I am from the family known as “One World Futbol.” Our family is revolutionary; we’ve been designed to withstand the harshest environments in the world. I am tough. I am durable. I will never need a pump and will never go flat. I can play anywhere and everywhere.

    Coaches Across Continents and One World Play Project

    The team at Coaches Across Continents is well aware of my durability. Through their multi-year partnership with One World Play Project, they have seen me play on soccer fields, street courts and some of the harshest, rockiest terrain in the world.

    The team at One World Play Project is proud to partner with the extraordinarily dedicated and effective team at Coaches Across Continents. Together, we’re all working to get more balls from my family to programs and organizations around the world. In 2015 alone, the Coaches Across Continents team worked in 30 countries, and with your support of my presidential campaign, we can share the joy of play with more communities.

    Contribute to play, vote for play

    Join me in this campaign to build a future that provides play for all. If we stand together and are prepared to embrace a world where no one is deprived of play, there is nothing that can’t be accomplished. Together, we will Make Life PlayFull!

    The Ball for President CTA button

  • Win A One World Futbol!

    July 11th 2016. There is only a few days left to enter our competition to win a One World Futbol! We are giving twenty lucky CAC supporters the chance to win an ultra-durable One World Futbol. All you have to do is read the Annual Review and complete this simple questionnaire (Hint: if you don’t know the answers you can find them in our Annual Review 2015!). Anyone who answers the questions correctly will be entered into the draw to win!

    Once again here is the Annual Review 2015. And click here for the form and a chance to win a One World Futbol.

    If you work for a corporation or funder then you can also enter the competition to win a CSR/Cause Marketing partnership. Click here to find out more on that competition.


  • Empower Children All Over The World With The Ultra-Durable One World Futbol!

    April 6th 2016. Coaches Across Continents (CAC) and One World Play Project are teaming up to present you with the opportunity to give an ultra-durable One World Futbol (or many!) to disadvantaged youth living in harmful environments globally. Today is the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace so it is a great day to get involved!

    Most of the youth in communities where CAC runs programs make soccer balls out of whatever they can find: plastic bags, garbage, twine. It’s too expensive to get access to a ball, particularly one which wears out or bursts from the constant use, and children are often disappointed by standard soccer balls, which are ruined within days, sometimes hours. The One World Futbol truly changes their lives giving them the ability to play wherever and whenever they can! The One World Futbol is the world’s first ultra-durable soccer ball that never goes flat and never needs a pump, even when punctured

    By choosing to give a One World Futbol today, you can join the play movement and help ensure that disadvantaged communities where CAC works will receive an ultra-durable ball which CAC coaches can use to educate children on key social messages. Having access to the One World Futbol also means CAC can use resources for other crucial resources and focus on delivering our programs without the hassle or worry of replacing balls ever again.

    To empower these children and give a One World Futbol visit- globalgiving.org/23533.
  • A Lifetime of Learning

    CAC’s Kelly Conheeney talks about learning a little from everyone after week 2 in Mokopane, South Africa with the Red Cross Society.

    July 14th 2015. I try to learn as much about people as I can when I’m moving around the world with CAC. I think that’s part of being a good coach, getting to know your players- even if it’s only for one or two weeks. Because you can learn something from everybody you meet. I like to hear what people are passionate about, to pick their brain and hear their stories. I didn’t get to talk much to Sean, but I was impressed mostly because he was the only 13 year old in a pool of over 25 adult coaches who attended the two weeks of training. His actions spoke more than the words he said.

    This past week in Mokopane, South Africa was our second week of working with the same intelligent hard working group of participants as we worked with the previous week. The Football For Hope center made playing 4v4 every morning a nice treat, as we waited for all the participants to show up.

    The thing that really stuck with me this week that reminded me once again why I love CAC was how eager the coaches were to coach one another at the last session of the training. We gave their innovative brains time to collide with one another in pairs and adapt one of the games they learned from this years CAC course as well as last years course. The outcome was impressive. It was coaching filled with passion, personality and energy! It’s always fun to watch the coaches come alive in their transformation from player to coach.

    With the work we do, we focus on putting the tools and the power in the hands of the community and take a step back as they use what we have given them to work on making their community a better place.

    We believe in people and we believe in change for the better.

    We are not quite finished in Mokopane, we have another year to go, but this group has shown so much progress over the past 2 weeks. They arrived willing to work and play everyday, soaking in the knowledge and taking the social messages home with them at the end of the day. It was apparent by the end of the second week that the participants were ready to put their 60 hours of practice to the test.

    Next year we will work on creating entirely new games with them. This year they were challenged off the field both weeks, in groups, individually and as a team;  talking about issues of the world that were important to them, and local issues in their community that they want to see change.

    At the end of the week Sean asked if it were possible for him to take a One World Futbol back with him to his community. He just started a boys team and would like another ball so he can teach his peers CAC games. We gladly sent him home with one.

    It will take the older leaders like the ones we worked with this week to continue to challenge and encourage each other to teach the children of the community CAC games.

    And it will take young committed leaders like Sean to teach his peers the skills he has learned on the football field to build their character in life and create a better Mokopane future.

    2015-06-30 18.27.23

  • 2014 In Review

    May 14th 2015. Coaches Across Continents are pleased to present ‘2014 In Review‘. In 2014 we had our most successful year yet. On-Field we worked in 26 countries with 74 implementing community partners and 1066 member partners. We educated 3,157 coaches who positively impacted 280,396 children. We implemented our Self-Directed Learning methodology which encourages participants to critically assess the needs of their community and create sport for social impact games to teach youth about these needs. Our child rights policy was signed by all 3,157 coaches who agreed to always protect children in their care. We increased the number of Community Impact Coaches who worked with us and partnered with organizations in 44 countries to implement games on Peace Day about resolving conflict peacefully.

    Off-Field we developed a mutually beneficial partnership with Chevrolet and One World Play Project based on their ‘What Do You #PlayFor?’ campaign. Pitches were developed in Indonesia, USA and South Africa where we ran sport for social impact programs. This partnership won Chevrolet the ‘Corporate of the Year’ award at the Beyond Sport awards. We also presented at high level conferences and events in places from India to Qatar and the USA. In addition we continued to develop our monitoring and evaluation system which has tracked significant changes in places in which we work. For example, 99% of coaches in Rwanda now know a soccer game to teach young people about how best to resolve conflict, compared to 33% prior to the CAC training.

    Take a look at ‘2014 In Review‘ for more information on 2014 and our plans to grow even further in 2015.

  • The Possibilities of #PlayItForward

    May 11, 2015.  The world is full of possibilities, no matter where you look. It could have been easy to dismiss the trash dump and pond full of garbage, located just behind Belilious School, as unsalvageable. But Chevrolet FC and Slum Soccer only saw the possibilities. Together they worked with Sandip Dutta, trustee of the land and the Belilious School to create a field worthy of any community in the world. The new field will be used to reach out to the most under-served children and youth of Kolkata.

    Coaches Across Continents continues its award-winning partnership with Chevrolet FC in our fifth community, this time in Tikiapara, Howrah, in Kolkata, India. CAC’s important role in this partnership is to create a sustainable legacy, where local coaches and teachers can use the new field as an educational environment, using sport to create social change. During our first week we trained over 60 coaches, empowering them to become coaches who can use sport to educate about important local social issues like health & wellness, female empowerment, conflict resolution, and child rights.

    On the Event Day, Saturday May 9th, CAC showcased two of it’s games on the new pitch to a crowd of over 500 which included representatives from General Motors, Mikaël Silvestre (Manchester United legend) local dignitaries, the board of trustees of the ground, members of the media, and hundreds of children and parents watching. One game we showcased was from our Child Rights module: The Right to an Education. Slum Soccer coach Homkant used the game which involves adding goals onto the pitch each time you score (representing completing another year of schooling) to correlate the message that the more education you complete, the more opportunities open up in your life. On average, continuing just one more year of school means an increase of 10% of income.

    These important messages will continue to be used by local coaches and teachers on the new pitch, creating long-term social change in the community. Our long-term Indian partner Slum Soccer has already created such social change in other locations – and we are confident that the impact they are about to have in Kolkata will be immense, thanks to the joint efforts of Chevrolet FC, One World Play Project, and Coaches Across Continents. Possibilities are everywhere.





    Coach Homkant uses the new field to teach about the importance of education.

    Coach Homkant uses the new field to teach about the importance of education.