• We Advise Governments, Policy Makers, and Influencers in Purposeful Play

    What We Do
  • We Align Brand Strategy With Innovative Impact

    What We Do
  • We Accredit Organizations Using Purposeful Play

    What We Do
  • We Accredit Leaders Using Purposeful Play

    What We Do

Coaches Across Continents #PartOfTheSolution

Coaches Across Continents is a global collaboration of communities, corporations, and foundations on 6 continents that use our unique Purposeful Play and Education Outside the Classroom programs to impact the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

We impact over 16 million young people in 110+ countries.

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  • We have trained and certified over 27,800 leaders globally
  • CAC and our partner programs address 16 UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • 99% of leaders feel more confident in their skills as an educator because of CAC
  • 98% of leaders are better prepared to protect children and respect their rights because of CAC's SAFE Initiative
  • Over 70% of teachers in the Mexican state of Sonora who participated in CAC training apply the curricula in their classes every week
  • 92% (compared to 27% at project start) of adolescents learning from our Sexual and Reproductive Health & Rights curriculum were confident that they could get their partner(s) to use contraceptives if they desired
  • Our global partnerships include: Asian Football Confederation, Bloomberg, Chevrolet, ESPN, Michael Johnson Foundation, Nike, Pathfinder, Peace Day, Save the Children, Soccerex, Think Beyond, UNHCR, UNICEF, and more

    Our Four Unique Legacy Programs:

    1. Influence Legacy Program

    Our ‘Influence’ team work with strategic partners and high-impact donors to influence the world of Education Outside the Classroom by building legacy programs that address the UNSDG’s. We advise governments, foundations, NGOs, policy makers, high-impact donors, and key global influencers and their strategic philanthropic investments.

    Our Influence Program advises UNICEF, United Way, and the AFC among others

    2. Innovate Legacy Program

    Our 'Innovate' team Design, Develop and Implement CSR & Cause Marketing Initiatives, Employee Engagement, and Foundation Legacy Programs that provide year-round, sustainable social development programs. To date we have brought to life Innovate Legacy Programs in 27 countries on 6 continents addressing the UNSDG's.

    Our Innovate Program has influenced over 100,000,000 consumers

    3. Impact Legacy Program

    Our 'Impact' team Design, Develop and Implement Purposeful Play and Education Outside the Classroom programs with governments, municipalities, schools, and community-based organizations to create legacies of sustainable change based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We mentor our community partners through our 28 strategic resources. In 2019, CAC became the first global accrediting organization for Purposeful Play.

    Our Impact Program reaches 16,000,000 children annually

    4. Instruct Legacy Program

    Our 'Instruct' team deliver in-country face to face education with community educators and coaches. They provide professional development using our Self-Directed Learning methodology and bespoke Purposeful Play curriculum. They integrate our SAFE training program into their work which helps organizations build a child safe, coach safe, organization safe and community safe environment. In 2020, CAC began accrediting leaders for Purposeful Play.

    Organizations in 110 countries receive curriculum to support 5 UN Global Days