At Coaches Across Continents, we believe our most important work is empowering communities to understand the challenges they face and giving them the tools to create their own solutions. This past Saturday, March 23rd, we had the privilege of doing exactly that in Mahembe village.

It was a bright and sunny day when our Community Impact Coach, Smith Kayembe gathered with the villagers to talk about global warming and climate change. During the interaction, the particpants were explained how our actions, like cutting down trees or pollution from mining and industry, are causing the seasons to change. But it wasn’t about lecturing – together we played a game called “PROTECT YOUR ENVIRONMENT.”

This game wasn’t just about fun (though there was plenty of that!); it was about showing the villagers the direct link between planting trees and safeguarding their future. After the game, I led them in a tree planting demonstration, inviting them to learn and take action with me. The response was incredible!

We had an amazing turnout of 224 villagers eager to be part of the solution: 32 men, 46 women, and a whopping 146 children! That sight fills us with so much hope.

Empowering the Future

Watching the villagers connect what they’d learned to taking immediate action – that’s what makes Smith Kayembe’s work as a Community Impact Coach so fulfilling. It demonstrates the power of games, simple explanations, and most importantly, believing in the incredible potential of a community to create their own path toward a better future.

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