Game Changers: Mathare Coaches Pave the Way for Gender Equality and Child Protection

In a transformative four-day on-field training, Mathare’s dedicated coaches immersed themselves in a dialogue that transcends the boundaries of sports. Facilitated by seasoned mentors hailing from the very heart of Mathare, the focus extended far beyond the game itself. Together, they explored the pivotal role of play in breathing life into the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

A central theme that resonated throughout the training was the imperative to combat gender-based violence, both on the pitch and within the broader cultural context. Coaches delved into the profound influence they hold in shaping perceptions surrounding gender-based violence. This comprehensive initiative also equipped them with invaluable insights on Child Rights, safeguarding, and the critical task of shielding children from any form of abuse.

Brycal, a stalwart member of the Mathare Coaches Forum, expressed heartfelt gratitude on behalf of the entire community: “I want to take this opportunity to extend our deepest thanks to coaches from across the continent for bringing this invaluable training to us. In an area where far too many children suffer from abuse and the scourge of gender-based violence, this initiative promises to be a beacon of positive change. It is poised to illuminate the path towards gender equality, and for this, we are immensely grateful. We eagerly anticipate future collaborations to further amplify this impact.”

Winnie, another dynamic participant from the Mathare Coaches Forum, shared her reflections: “I want to seize this moment to express my heartfelt appreciation to the Mathare Coaches Forum, Coaches Across Continent, and Green-Kenya for the enriching training sessions. They were not only educational but also remarkably enjoyable. Being part of this class reinforced the timeless adage that learning is a lifelong journey, and for that, I am truly thankful.”

The significance of this initiative transcends sport; it is a resounding testament to the power of collective action and education. Through their impassioned dedication, Mathare’s coaches are not merely shaping the athletes of tomorrow, but they are also nurturing a community where gender equality and the rights of every child are held as sacred values. This training serves as a poignant reminder that within every individual lies the potential to be an agent of positive change.

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