Empowerment Through Sports: A Week Of On-Field Training In Nairobi

In a world of endless possibilities, sports serve as a universal language that bridges gaps, instills values, and shapes tomorrow’s leaders. At Green-Kenya, we empower children to create a greener future through sports. Our coaches and participants recently embarked on an on-field training journey of learning, growth, and empowerment that promises to impact countless lives
of our children.

On-field training, in partnership with Coaches across Continents, was essential for our coaches. It equipped them with the necessary skills to become nurturing mentors, guiding children towards healthier and more sustainable lives through the spirit of play.

During the training, gender equality was emphasised. Women’s participation in Sports has progressed, but challenges like visibility and equal pay persist. Leleti, One female coach noted that pay differences between male and female athletes demonstrate more inequality, with males receiving significantly more money. This unfairness perpetuates the gap between them and must be addressed for equitable sports. Coaches also pointed out that insufficient media coverage of women’s sporting events is unlike the coverage men’s events receive. Greater visibility for women’s sports can inspire future athletes. Our coaches also refined their leadership skills, learning to guide with empathy and passion.

The field is not only a place for practice but also for instilling values. Environmental conservation found its place in our training as coaches explored creative ways to teach children about the importance of preserving our planet. Understanding child rights was another crucial aspect, ensuring every child’s voice is; heard, respected, and protected.

The coaches were reminded of the importance of implementing a child protection policy. Proper policies and procedures are crucial to preventing the abuse or exclusion of children. The policy should cover; health and safety, discipline, recruitment, and misconduct measures, among others. Coaches are responsible for preventing harm and reporting concerns.

During our training sessions, coaches were taught the essential skills of conflict prevention and problem-solving, which is crucial in any professional setting. Coaches discovered techniques to foster healthy competition, resolve disputes, and guide children toward finding solutions independently.

Moreover, coaches learned to impart financial responsibility, helping children understand the value of money, savings, and planning. One of the coaches present during last year’s on-field training highlighted that his team is financially responsible after teaching them about the value of money, saving, and planning. The coaches also tackled sensitive topics like drugs and HIV/AIDS, ensuring that children are equipped with the knowledge to make informed decisions.

The training was not all about learning but about sharing knowledge. Our coaches took the spotlight, teaching us what they absorbed during the training.

Coaches left the on-field training motivated and equipped with valuable skills to transform the lives of the children they work with. They will nurture values beyond football skills, guiding children toward a greener, more empowered future. Through our efforts at Coaches Across Continents, we aim to create a generation of coaches and football players who conquer life’s challenges with resilience, empathy, and a passion for positive change. Through on-field training, we sow seeds of change.

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