• March Madness is Over … Now Predict the 2014 World Cup


    April 14th 2014: The 2014 World Cup is only 60 days away. Join the CAC World Cup prediction bracket and show CAC that you are a soccer knowledge machine by going toe to toe with our soccer obsessed staff and ex World Cup winners!

    Not only do you get to compete for the title but you will also know while you watch the games, that you have supported a positive legacy for Brazil during the World Cup.

    To join the league all you have to do is:

    1. Go to our Indiegogo campaign raising money for our work facilitating social change in Brazil.

    2. Donate at least $25 to the campaign.

    3. Receive an email password to our ESPN World Cup prediction league within 24 hours.

    4. Setup an ESPN account and join the CAC World Cup group.

    5. Predict the World Cup! Will England or the US get to the Quarter Finals? Will Brazil win it all at home?

    6. Keep track of your position throughout the World Cup!

    971853_489931941089557_786400727_nThis summer Coaches Across Continents will be working in disadvantaged and dangerous Brazilian communities to coincide with the World Cup specifically focusing on drug abuse, gang violence and local conflict. To ensure the greatest possible impact and provide a positive legacy for local people affected by the World Cup we need your help.

    Your support will mean that soccer, the most popular sport in Brazil, will not only have an impact for professionals this summer. It will mean that youth and communities who are overlooked by the World Cup going on around them will be given the tools and capacity to positively affect their dangerous social situations though ‘The Beautiful Game’. Money will go towards:

    • educating the next generation of Brazilians about global child rights
    • teaching how to resolve conflict and gender based violence peacefully
    • how to solve their own problems to ensure sustainability after the program

    Not only that but your support means you can be part of the CAC World Cup prediction league!

    Join today!

  • CAC, Hofstra, Soccer, and Pelé

    IMG_9421April 13, 2014. Another weekend, another speaking event for CAC Chief Executive Strategist, Brian Suskiewicz. A return home of sorts, Brian spoke at the “Soccer As The Beautiful Game” conference at Hofstra University in New York. Before CAC Brian was Associate Head Coach for the Hofstra Men’s Soccer Team from 2004 to 2009, winning three CAA titles during those five years. To say Brian was happy to return is an understatement, but throw a football legend into the mix and words fall short of expressing our delight in participating in this event.

    Brian has a chance to share a few words with Pele

    Brian has a chance to share a few words with legendary footballer and global icon Pele

    One of the big activities of the weekend, aside from gathering the all-stars of the sport for development field, was to give Pelé, THE Pelé, an honorary degree from Hofstra. His ties to the university go back to his days as a player as the NY Cosmos used to train at Hofstra in the 1970s.  Pelé also spoke at the conference, noting that coming to play for the NY Cosmos “was the best thing in my life.  It was the best decision to come to play in the United States.”  He also noted that soccer is “the biggest family in the world.”  Brian was honored to have a few moments to speak with Pelé and thank him for inspiring generations of footballers all over the world.  A full video of his 5-minute speech on Friday evening can be found here.

    Besides his brief meeting with the global icon, Brian spoke on two panels during this first ever event at his old stomping ground. The first focused on “Football, Pedagogy, and Integration,” and Brian capitalized on this opportunity to detail our philosophy of self-directed learning. Brian partook in this panel with other academics in the field, sharing ideas on how soccer can change the world, creating self-directed learners based on Dr. Judith Gates’ Chance to Choice educational theory.

    The second panel shifted attentions to “Empowerment, Social Integration, and Soccer”, moving from the theoretical to the practical. Many familiar faces joined Brian as he spoke about our work on the field in more than twenty-five countries around the world. Friends and partners of CAC who also participated include Mary McVeigh from Soccer Without Borders – who we are working with in Uganda this month! – as well as representatives from streetfootballworld, Love Futbol, and America Scores.  The interested crowd asked dozens of questions varying from implementation practices to supporting global charities.

    We are proud to be part of events like this, honored to be among such stellar figures in our field of not only international development but also international football – nice to meet you Pelé! Moreover, we are proud because we are the global leaders in sport for social impact and these platforms allow us to spread awareness for what we do with the incredible local organizations we are so grateful to call our partners.

  • Mubangyizi’s First Week With CAC

    Markus Bensch, from nearby Dresden, Germany, joins CAC in April, 2014 – beginning his on-field training in Uganda with senior staff member Nora Dooley.

    IMG_0881Let me say this first: It was a brilliant first week with Coaches Across Continents and our partner Mbarara Soccer Academy (MSA) in Uganda. Nora gave me a very good first introduction into the work of an On‑Field‑Coach and we were hosted by the very welcoming and warm-hearted family of Salim Blanden who is one of our Community Impact Coaches (CIC).

    I left Germany on Saturday 29th March and when I said “Good Bye” to my parents and my brother George at the Berlin airport my new adventure started. I was excited, but after my arrival I felt for the first few days quickly pitchforked into a survival modus. My body and my psyche were not used anymore to the African heat, food and living conditions. My stomach rebelled, my body felt weak and I wanted to sleep a lot. After 2 months in Germany I had to get used to using holes for toilets and taking a bucket shower. But my physical condition quickly got better as soon we moved on the football pitch.

    After a very rainy Tuesday including a thunderstorm, we finally could start with our first-year program on Wednesday. We welcomed over 30 coaches and they get very quickly into it. After we did the baseline questionnaire we started with Circle of Friends and trained the Ronaldo Skills. The two main aims for the week were to let the coaches experience the idea of self-directed learning and to let them understand what it means to solve their own problems. All our games are based on these two principles so the coaches had many chances to learn how to put them into practice.

    As with most of the groups they liked our “Mingle Mingle” game very much. The coaches are dancing in the “Mingle Mingle” rhythm and have to get together in different numeric groups depending on which number the coach shouts. After the first few rounds when there was pushing and pulling we discussed this behavior and agreed that it is important to make our own decisions and let others decide too if they want to join a group or not. We even took this game further and didn’t allow the coaches to speak anymore so they experienced and practiced different ways of (non-verbal) communication like hand signs, eye contact and body language. It was a very fun way of learning different solutions and the importance of communication and to respect the freedom and independence of the other person. P1030072

    One of the most successful games in this week was “Adebayor Makes Good Choices”. This game focuses on good choices that can protect from getting HIV. Many good decisions like being faithful, using a condom when having sex, getting tested and getting educated protects from the HI-Virus. The more good choices somebody makes the better he/she is protected. After we brainstormed many good choices we played the game “Keep away” where the players in the outside circle try to keep the ball away from the one or two players in the middle who represented the HI-Virus. Every player on the outside who touched the ball yelled out one good choice that protects from getting HIV. Later during the review the coaches came up with the idea to modify this game and address the problem of corruption. On Saturday morning one group developed ideas about good choices that can be made to prevent corruption. Again the players on the outside yelled out phrases like honesty, don’t take and don’t pay bribes, education or transparency. The players in the circle represented corrupt lawyers, policemen or politicians. That was a perfect example of self-directed learning and solving your own problems. We as coaches were impressed from the creativity of the coaches and it was the best reward we could get from the group. If groups develop their own games we know we’ve done a good job.

    We’re sure that our training has an impact in the daily work of the coaches and we already look forward to next year so we can see the development in the coaching skills of our participants. By the end of the week I got baptized on the name Mubangyizi which is in the local language Lunyankole and means ‘supportive person’. That was a huge reward and a big compliment for me. I look forward to next week in Kampala and I’m excited to get more involved and lead my first games.


  • Watch our Latest Video!

    April 8, 2014.  Coaches Across Continents is proud to release our 2014 documentary video.  Filmed in Nagpur, India with our partners Slum Soccer, this documentary shows how we work alongside our partners to create self-directed learners, empower women and leaders through sport, and make a social impact.  For this year’s documentary, every view counts.  After we receive 2,014 views, a large donation will be made to CAC from one of our supporters.  Watch the video today and help us reach our goal!


  • Get Involved with Peace One Day

    April 7, 2014.  Coaches Across Continents is proud to announce our continued support of the One Day One Goal initiative for Peace One Day.  This extremely important global day is held every September, 21st.  In addition to the support from our 75+ communities in 30 countries, Coaches Across Continents will be providing support materials for organizations in potentially over 130 countries this year.  Any organization wishing to use sport to promote peace is welcome to contact either Coaches Across Continents or Peace One Day to get involved in this year’s celebrations.

    For 2014, Coaches Across Continents (CAC) is launching a Peace Day football resource, aimed at integrating real-life conflict resolution skills into regular football training.  Coaches Across Continents, the global leaders in sport for social impact, are launching a series of games that use football to explore, demonstrate and develop some of the skills necessary for conflict resolution and social harmony.

    1488299_572454836170600_1269125953_nThe resource, in support of Peace One Day’s One Day One Goal football initiative, will comprise five games, the first of which will be available to mark the 6 April 2014, the first UN Day of Sport for Development and Peace, with the rest following in mid-June.

    From teamwork to understanding types of violence, this resource will encourage organizations and individuals, to integrate conflict resolution skills into their regular football training in the run up to Peace Day 21 September and beyond.  Our unique monitoring and evaluation has discovered that 99% of participants best know how to teach children how to resolve conflict through soccer after playing our games, up from 19% at the start of each training.

    To access this resource, free of charge, contact us, share your 2014  One Day One Goal match and tournament plans and start using football to help create a more peaceful society.

    Emily Lambert; Coaches Across Continents; .

    Emma Kennedy; Peace One Day; .


  • CAC Empowers Leaders in Qatar

    IMG_9360March 31, 2014. Reach Out to Asia (ROTA), a member of the Qatar Foundation, hosted a three-day event in Doha, Qatar called EMPOWER 2014. CAC’s Chief Executive Strategist, Brian Suskiewicz, was invited to represent our organization as a key player in the field of sport for development.  This was ROTA’s 6th annual youth conference on leadership, service learning, and global citizenship.  For 2014 the underlying theme was Sport for Youth Empowerment.


    Panel (l to r): Dr. Auma Obama (Sauti Kuu), Mark Haig (Liverpool Foundation), Pratik Kumar (Magic Bus), and Brian Suskiewicz (CAC)

    Over the course of these three days Brian participated on a panel, held a workshop, and ran an on-field session. The panel discussion was on “Sports for Education and Youth Empowerment” and Brian’s fellow panelists included Pratik Kumar, the CEO of our new partners, Magic Bus India, as well as Mark Haig, the director of the Liverpool FC Foundation and Dr. Aumu Obama from Sauti Kuu in Kenya. During this panel Brian told our story, answering questions such as, “How did your organization get started using sports as a way of engaging youth?” and “What is the biggest accomplishment that your organization has achieved by using sports?” He also spoke of the “power of sport” and what it means to our organization.

    The members of this conference were young leaders from the USA, Brazil, and the throughout Middle East between the ages of 16 and 26. A huge part of what we do at CAC, working with young leaders has its challenges but is infinitely rewarding. Brian took the participants through a classroom workshop centered on our self-directed learning model.  After speaking about how self-directed learning can be taught through sport, Brian engaged the participants in creating their own sport for social impact games, targeting social issues that exist in their own communities.  These games were presented to the group at the conclusion of the workshop.


    On-Field sessions were held in the world-class Aspire Zone

    And save the best for last, Brian’s final task at the ROTA youth conference was the on-field session at the world-class Aspire Zone. Brian taught the up and coming games from CAC’s sport for social impact curriculum.  The identical three-one hour sessions with new groups of participants focused on using their voice to gain confidence and leadership while playing Circle of Friends, Ronaldo Skills, and then implementing the learned social message of voice into a game of Ronaldo for Fun.  The young leaders learned on-field how to integrate social impact messages in a fun and soccer-intensive way during their brief time on the field.  One young girl from Qatar came up after the session and told Brian, “That was the most fun I’ve ever had playing soccer” which was the highlight of the day for our Chief Executive.

    All in all, this was a great opportunity for CAC to share our work with a great group of young leaders and network with like-minded people and organizations that have similar aims – using sport to make the world a better place.  This conference comes on the heels of our recent participation in the Next Step Conference held in India in February and just prior to our upcoming presentations at the first-ever Hofstra Soccer Conference which will be held in New York in April, where Pele will be the guest of honor and receive an honorary degree.


    Young leaders from around the globe after participating and learning on-field with Brian