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SATELLITE MANAGERS: A Year of Triumph and Expansion for CAC Satellite Offices In The Global South

The inception of CAC Satellite Managers heralded a momentous stride in broadening our sphere of influence and emboldening our remarkable and steadfast leaders hailing from the Global South. In the year 2023, CAC embarked on a pioneering venture by piloting Satellite Offices across the African continent, appointing five seasoned leaders […]

CAC SATELLITE MANAGERS : The Force of Change at Coaches Across Continents

In 2023, Coaches Across Continents embarked on a groundbreaking journey towards empowerment and positive transformation by establishing Satellite Offices led by exceptional CAC Leaders across the globe. These visionary individuals, each with their unique stories and unyielding commitment to change, are taking the reins in their respective regions, amplifying the […]

Game Changers: Mathare Coaches Pave the Way for Gender Equality and Child Protection

In a transformative four-day on-field training, Mathare’s dedicated coaches immersed themselves in a dialogue that transcends the boundaries of sports. Facilitated by seasoned mentors hailing from the very heart of Mathare, the focus extended far beyond the game itself. Together, they explored the pivotal role of play in breathing life […]