• Coaches Across Continents Announces Green Kenya As An Accredited Organization

    Coaches Across Continents is thrilled to announce our long-time partners, Green Kenya as an Accredited Organization in using Purposeful Play to impact the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

    Green Kenya is an organization dedicated to helping youth become responsible, accountable adults. They help youth discover and develop their potential by teaching them to set goals and make effective decisions. Green Kenya programs directly impact various targets of UNSDGs 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 11, 13, 16 and 17!! And they have been using Purposeful Play and Education Outside the Classroom as their core methodologies since their founding.

    CAC has been honored to work closely with Green Kenya leadership for more than 7 years. We have learned alongside one another and experienced Green Kenya’s growth and eagerness to continue learning so we can all better serve the young people of our communities.

    Green Kenya is also the first CAC partner to be both an Accredited Organization and to have a CAC Accredited Coach with David Mulo!! Congratulations Green Kenya and we look forward to the next chapter of our partnership.

  • Nick Gates & Brian Suskiewicz discuss their journey into business with The Drive Phase Podcast

    In April, CEO Nick Gates and Chief Strategist Brian Suskiewicz, sat down with James Moore on The Drive Phase podcast to discuss their individual backgrounds and their personal roads to creating Coaches across Continents. The podcast, produced by Coordinate Sport, is aimed at highlighting the unique journeys and diverse careers in sports and sports entrepreneurship.

    James Moore, the host of The Drive Phase podcast looks in depth at the growth of Coaches Across Continents, from one country in 2008 to 6 continents, running education programs in up to 132 countries. CEO Nick Gates goes on to say:

    “We now have four main divisions, working with teachers, educators, organisations,
    corporations and governments and the demand keeps growing.”

    Delving into his background, CEO Nick Gates had already felt that sport could do more when he put on his backpack for a 23-month trip around 40 countries. Not only did he gain first- hand experience of the Winter Olympics and The Ashes to name a few, but he found a passion for how sport could indeed, change the world.

    No stranger to the world of business, he decided that instead of returning to a life of suits and ties, he would use his wider experience of business to form an organisation that would use sport as a pathway to making a change in people’s lives. When he met Brian Suskiewicz, Nick jokingly nicknames the “two-sport athlete”, he was an experienced university sports coach in the US with a passion for sports and education.

    Despite intending to become a teacher, the opportunity to travel and work in sport was too enticing of a proposition for Brian. He made the leap to volunteer with the organisation, making his first volunteer trip with CAC to South Africa. With the actions of sport on and off the pitch under the spotlight, both Brian and Nick strongly believe in their own concept of Corporate Social Purpose. Whilst seeing the power of sport to bring change, Brian adds that there must be focus to the initiatives.

    “I think it’s about getting people to understand that’s it is not just about getting in a circle and rolling out a ball, the very serious aspect is the community and individual development features, and it should be taken as such.”

    The main focus for James, host and Managing Director of Coordinate Sport is to showcase extraordinary stories in the industry. He added:

    “All organisations want to stay in the drive phase for as long as possible and continually grow and develop. This podcast is focused on connecting with and showcasing these industry thought leaders, Nick and Brian are a great example of this with so much knowledge and insight to share with our network of leaders”

    What does it take to build a legacy of development through sport across six continents? Find out how on The Drive Phase podcast. Available on The Coordinate Sport website, Google
    Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Youtube.


  • Indochina Starfish Foundation of Cambodia Accredited by Coaches Across Continents

    Indochina Starfish Foundation (ISF) is a Cambodian charity with over 13 years of experience using education and sport to change lives.  In Cambodia, less than 5% of youth will finish high school. The poverty many children live in not only strips them of their childhood but it also means that they miss out on an education and vital life skills that are taught through peer interaction and play. Through their Education Programme, Football Programme and Community Development Projects ISF is supporting those most in need to build a brighter future.

    CAC has worked alongside ISF staff, coaches and young leaders since 2013. We have seen first-hand their growth when it comes to integrating play-based activities with key social and educational learning methodologies. Many ISF coaches have joined the CAC team over the years to facilitate Purposeful Play trainings for other leaders in communities beyond the ISF home in Phnom Penh. And after several years of learning and evolving together in partnership we are delighted to present ISF as a CAC accredited organization in using Purposeful Play and Education Outside the Classroom to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

    Thank you ISF for your partnership and we look forward to many more years of playing and learning with you!
  • We Are Moving With Rexona

    Creating Legacies 17, the Coaches Across Continents consultancy brand, is proud to be a partner on the Rexona Breaking Limits Programme. Rexona, also known as Degree, Sure or Shield, is a Unilever deodorant brand dedicated to getting people moving.

    The Breaking Limits Programme is a cutting-edge initiative developed in partnership with Beyond Sport to transform the lives of young people through sport and physical activity. Launched on April 6th, the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace/ the programme will empower millions of young people with the confidence and opportunity to move more. Everyone deserves the right to experience the many benefits movement brings – whoever you are, however you move. Follow @rexona to learn more about the #Rexona #BreakingLimits programme.

    Coaches Across Continents, alongside fellow program partners The Change Foundation and The Sports Creative, are designing and delivering online video and program content for organisations around the world to use in their sustainable local play-based programming. Virtual Modules will be provided for both introductory and advanced level coaches and organisations. Coaches Across Continents Modules are focused on Confidence and Access, and Inclusion.

    Click here to check out the digital training platform including Module 2: Confidence and Access.

    Thanks to the incredible CAC leaders who assisted us in putting Module 2 together- Daniela Gutierrez, David Mulo, Elvis Nshimba, Freya Levy, Jaspreet Kaur, Jesus Valenzuela, Jonathan Hannay, Lee Docherty, Lina Restrepo, Luis Mendoza, Nico Achimpota, Orlando Carlos de Villa Neto, Patty Caceres, Romina Calatayud, Rose Abou Elias, Tejas R, and Vero Turiza.

    About Rexona

    Rexona’s Belief
    • Rexona believes in the power of movement to transform lives
    • Everyone should be able to experience the incredible physical, mental and social benefits
    movement brings – whoever you are, however you move

    The Issue
    • Too many people face barriers preventing them from moving.
    • Self-doubt holds people back. They fear failure or judgement from others and lack
    confidence in their own ability.
    • Society further fuels our fear. Too often, people are made to feel they aren’t capable of
    doing something by others. They face discrimination because of their race, gender or
    perceived ability.

    Rexona’s Purpose
    • Sure is fighting for a world where everyone has the confidence to move more.

    Rexona Breaking Limits Programme
    • The Rexona Breaking Limits Programme will empower young people with the confidence and
    opportunity to move.
    • The programme has the power to transform the lives of young people. Because through
    movement, everyone can find the confidence to break limits – those set by themselves and
    by society.


  • 1 Organization, 2 Brands, 4 Divisions

    Coaches Across Continents is thrilled to share our 2020 Annual Review! See how our diverse partnerships navigated one of the most challenging years in recent history. Find out how 1 organization, 2 brands, and 4 divisions work together to create brand legacies and impact 15 UN Sustainable Development Goals and 52 targets in over 132 countries.

    Click here to check out our 2020 Annual Review.

    If you work for a corporation, foundation, government, confederation, or professional sports club interested in a partnership with CL17 please email us at . Our Creating Legacies 17 brand is innovating Corporate Social Purpose (CSP). We help organizations design their CSP initiatives with every penny spent used to address the UN SDG’s.

    If you are an individual looking to donate to Coaches Across Continents please visit this webpage.

    If you are an organization interested in a partnership with our Impact division please visit this webpage.

    If you are an individual leader interested in a partnership with our Instruct division please visit this webpage.

    Thank you for your incredible support in 2020! Our work would not be possible without you.


  • COVID-19 Recovery

    In 2020, Coaches Across Continents (CAC), with the Commonwealth Secretariat, created a play-based educational resource, covering issues such as anxiety, self-esteem, and stress. 96% of CAC partners reported the mental well-being of youth they engage has been affected by the pandemic. The resource seeks to benefit any organisation, community, coach, or teacher who interact with young people. The activities are adaptable to participant numbers and restrictions (distancing, hygiene etc) so they can be used in contexts where social distancing and hygiene measures are necessary.  

    In many ways COVID-19 has brought the world together as we adapt to the lack of travel and group experiences by connecting online and through messaging platforms. We can increase access to sport for development by designing interactive learning techniques accessible for all such as global video sharing and collaboration, active sport for development video games, and virtual reality technology.

    COVID-19 has denied people the ability to socialise, play, and move, causing everyone to re-assess what really matters.  One of the key opportunities the COVID-19 pandemic recovery presents to sport and play is that its benefits have been reinforced in people’s minds. We can build back better post COVID-19 by re-emphasising sport and play’s role in the emotional and social development of young people as opposed to primarily its role in elite talent development. Coaches using resources such as our Mental Health through Sport curriculum in their work will transform the perception of play in the minds of young people, parents, teachers, and communities.