Delhi Onfield – Jaspreet’s AC and Jagdish’s CIC Experience

Jaspreet Kaur and Jagdish Kumar, both dedicated coaches with Coaches Across Continents (CAC), have recently led an on-field training program in Delhi, India. Jaspreet, an Accredited Coach (AC) from Punjab, India, has been a part of the Coaches Across Continents team since 2014. 

Through her ten-year experience, Jaspreet has attended various coach education organised by CAC across India, Myanmar, and Doha. She shares her understanding and experiences of the recent involvement in the coach education hosted by More Than Play in Delhi. Jaspreet feels that being a CIC was a journey to build confidence and learn, making the step up to Accredited Coach you are responsible for all the actions and decisions you take from the start of the training.  Jaspreet emphasised the positive aspects of this journey, such as planning the agenda, communicating with CAC staff, communicating with the host organisation and their coaches, making decisions on budget and tracking spending money during the training. 

Jagdish Kumar attended this training as a Community Impact Coach (CIC) to co-lead alongside Jaspreet. Jagdish not only delivered purposeful play on-field with coaches but contributed to the overall planning which included preparation, on-field and action, post on-field reflection and communication with the organisation.  Jagdish emphasised the need for a proper understanding of the methodology of sports for development, with key agendas such as session plans, child rights, POCSO, and game variations to provide life skills through sports. Jagdish feels that coach capacity building is a key component of CAC training.

Both Jaspreet and Jagdish have shared that creating a space where AC and CIC can lead the on-field has given them more confidence, pride and a sense of responsibility and learning from co-facilitation. It is helpful for their professional development, networking,  management skills, communication and understanding their own potential. They enjoyed the exposure to meeting more coaches around the world, hearing their experiences, and they’ve been inspired to know more about other organisations and their work. It is rewarding to share Purposeful Play with  more organisations and coaches, helping them to create safe and healthy space to discuss and reflect on various issues. 

Jaspreet and Jagdish express their heartfelt thanks to CAC for the opportunity to lead the training in Delhi. They would like to thank the More Than Play team, and compliment the participants’ motivation and diligence for embracing joyful learning throughout the training.

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