SATELLITE MANAGERS: A Year of Triumph and Expansion for CAC Satellite Offices In The Global South


The inception of CAC Satellite Managers heralded a momentous stride in broadening our sphere of influence and emboldening our remarkable and steadfast leaders hailing from the Global South. In the year 2023, CAC embarked on a pioneering venture by piloting Satellite Offices across the African continent, appointing five seasoned leaders as Satellite Managers. These individuals, having traversed the path from Community Impact Coach to Accredited Coach, shouldered the mantle of amplifying CAC’s voice and impact within their respective nations and traversed international boundaries. It is heartening to witness the distinctive strategies crafted by each leader within their homeland, encompassing active communication, meticulous planning for coach education on the field, the provision of virtual support to partner organizations, robust monitoring and evaluation, and adept management in surmounting local challenges.

Selection Criteria and Training

The selection criteria for Satellite Managers were anchored in their status as accredited coaches, boasting extensive experience in delivering purposeful play across a spectrum of UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and varied contexts, yielding positive outcomes. Africa was chosen as the launchpad for this initiative owing to its wealth of talented accredited coaches and our earnest desire to elevate the voices of indigenous leaders.

Training and Support

The Satellite Managers, adept in delivering coach education sessions, underwent online mentoring and received support from Lou in areas encompassing business planning, budgeting, and organizational dynamics.

Achievements and Challenges

The Satellite Managers have lent their support to and empowered 19 partner organizations, executing 21 on-field programs. However, they encountered challenges, including shouldering sole responsibility for planning and implementing coach education, navigating logistical hurdles during on-field training and virtual support endeavours, and grappling with communication barriers among Satellite Managers, hub partners, and the global CAC team.

Success Story

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The period spanning April to June witnessed the meticulous groundwork laid by Coaches Across Continents (CAC) for the Satellite Managers program. However, it was the ensuing six months from July to December 2023 that truly underscored the dedication and efficacy of our five Satellite Managers. Entrusted with the task of autonomously designing and executing their programs, these managers embraced CAC’s ethos of self-directed learning, showcasing remarkable initiative and resourcefulness. Despite the absence of a detailed blueprint initially, their execution was exemplary. Furthermore, these managers actively contributed invaluable insights that helped shape CAC’s ambitious vision for 2030. CAC takes immense pride in the far-reaching impact achieved through the Satellite Managers, underscoring our unwavering commitment to effecting positive change on a global scale.

In the year 2024, CAC envisages expanding the Satellite Manager initiative to encompass other continents. The success of this endeavour hinges upon strategic expansion at the grassroots level. Accredited organizations hosting accredited coaches can apply for consideration as future CAC satellite offices. Let’s take PurposefulPlay even further!

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