CAC & Disney Expand Partnership in Latin America

  • Disney believes in the importance of healthy living and nutrition for children globally. 
  • In line with that belief Coaches Across Continents is pleased to announce an expansion of our international initiative using play to promote healthy living, nutrition, and physical activity. 
  • Previously this initiative focused on Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico. Now we are delighted to expand to include Chile and Colombia in addition to those 3 original countries.
  • 12 established community organizations in 5 countries will deliver sustainable education programs teaching underserved youth aged 11-18 why healthy living is important.

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Coaches Across Continents (CAC) and Creating Legacies 17 is delighted to continue working with Disney. This partnership is now expanding to Chile and Colombia, in addition to continuing our prior work within low socio-economic communities in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. CAC has designed a unique play-based healthy living curriculum which ensures youth leaders have the tools to discuss vital Disney messages around nutrition, physical activity, mental health, and hydration. The curriculum is consistent while being adaptable for the specific challenges facing a diverse range of communities in the chosen countries. CAC trains and supports 12 community partners and their youth leaders in the 5 countries about using the curriculum, ensuring child protection, and core coaching methodology.

After developing this program in 8 communities in 2021/22 we are pleased to be expanding to 12 communities in 2022/23. In each community established partner organizations have been selected to receive the curriculum and training and deliver play-based youth programs with underserved populations. 

In Argentina this initiative will be delivered in Bolougne (Fundación Starte) and Mar del Plata (Cambio de Paso). 

In Brazil this initiative will be delivered in Diadema, SP (ACER Brasil), Morro do Castro, RJ (UMRio/ONERio) and Sao Paulo, SP (Time Naurú).

In Chile this initiative will be delivered in 2 communities in Santiago (Fútbol Más).

In Colombia this initiative will be delivered in Guayabal, Medellín (Fundacion TCP) and Urabá, Antioquia (Club Deportivo Costazul).

In Mexico this initiative will be delivered in Bacalar (Girls United FA), Puebla (Topos FC), and Valle de Chalco (Natlik A.C.).

The anticipated impact of this initiative is that 120 leaders will be trained to be healthy living community educators and 6,000 underserved youth aged 11-18 will be educated in Disney healthy living. The beneficiaries vary depending on the partner organization and community; from blind youth in Puebla, Mexico to children at-risk of hunger in Morro do Castro, Brazil.

We are excited to bring this partnership to new communities.

“At Disney we know that our stories reach millions of families in the entire region, and that is why we have an enormous responsibility and opportunity in inspiring positive habits and values. Diet, active life, rest and hygiene are the first habits we acquire from a young age, and we believe that, through our content, experiences, characters and stories, we can collaborate in identifying them and then adopting them. Support for organizations that positively impact children and young people through food and sport is part of making healthy life a proposal more accessible through all childhood”. 

Belén Urbaneja, Director of Social Responsibility Corporate, Brand Management and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, The Walt Disney Company Latin America.

‘We are honored to be expanding our partnership with Disney in Latin America. Their commitment to healthy living aligns perfectly with our mission to use play to address the Sustainable Development Goals. As a result of Disney’s invaluable support we will be able to educate thousands of children in 12 communities about the importance of eating healthily, participating in physical activity, and maintaining mental health. As we live in an increasingly online world the urgent need for projects such as this only becomes more apparent.’

Brian Suskiewicz, Coaches Across Continents Chief Executive


About #ViveMásSaludable

Disney’s commitment to fostering healthier generations takes life under its #ViveMásSaludable initiative, which is expressed in internal and external activities in Latin America: social investment, programs for employees, content, promotions and licenses, advertising business, events and experiences. Using the power of entertainment and guided by a comprehensive policy, the initiative offers creative, diverse and entertaining proposals to motivate and facilitate healthier lifestyles, with a special focus on childhood. 

Coaches Across Continents 

Coaches Across Continents is an award-winning non-profit focused on education and community development. Its Purposeful Play curriculum and Education Outside the Classroom (EOC) methodology supports communities to design pathways towards social change based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. EOC empowers communities, organizations, leaders and young people to analyze their needs and implement strategies to choose their futures. CAC has trained and certified 25,000+ community coaches and leaders, and annually, provides quality education for over 16 million youth.


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