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“In my first year as a Community impact Coach I have managed to teach other coaches and teachers in Mpigi with the help of the CAC team. I am so grateful for the wealth of memories the CAC coaches have left behind which will be transferred to very many coaches and children in Uganda.” – Salim Blanden, Uganda

Coaches Across Continents launched the Community Impact Coach Program in 2013. It gives local coaches who have already completed CAC training the opportunity to travel to other locations – sometimes even to other countries – and practice their skills with other partner programs. Not only has it helped bring sustainability to our programs throughout the world, it has been a great way for our CAC partners to connect, and see different cultures throughout the world.

A Community Impact Coach acts as another CAC coach while traveling to other communities. Traveling to other CAC communities will allow them to learn from other local leaders, teach football for social impact games and continue their proficiency, and collaborate with other coaches and groups to learn from each other. Upon return to their local organization, they must run several continuing education courses (with guidance provided by CAC) to their fellow coaches in their community. We expect these coaches to carry on their work as great leaders in their local communities.

“It is our belief that by creating this network between coaches and allowing local coaches the opportunity to travel, teach, and learn in other locales, that they will bring a unique perspective to the CAC curriculum.” – Brian Suskiewicz, Chief Executive Strategist.